By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Jun 07, 2007 at 5:15 AM

"Stuck Between Stations" by The Hold Steady -- The first track on the 2006 album "Boys and Girls in America" is an attention grabber by one of the better bands working today. -- Drew Olson

Bigelow Green Tea with Mango -- I have found my new favorite summer drink. I've always been a big fan of Bigelow's Green Tea with Lemon, although I often found myself adding a honey or a touch of sugar to it. But the new mango flavor has enough natural sweetest, allowing me to forgo the additional calories (alone, the tea's calorie count is zero.) It's smooth and delicious warm, but letting it cool to iced tea for the summer months is probably going to be your best bet for refreshment. I wonder how well it would work as a vodka mixer. -- Julie Lawrence -- The average household receives about 70 pounds of junk mail per year. When you think of the 100 million trees and 280 billion gallons of water needed to produce that mail -- not to mention the time that goes into opening, shredding and discarding it -- it's a costly proposition. For $3 per month, a dime a day (hence the name), will submit your name to dozens of "do not mail" lists and keep you off the junk mail rosters. They'll also plant one tree per month for each subscriber. Sounds like a good deal. -- D.O.

Aromatherapy Hand Soap Relax (Eucalyptus Spearmint) from Bath and Body Works -- From the classy bottle to the rich lather and pleasant fragrance, this soap is a treat for the hands that will have your guests raving. Look for it at -- D.O.

Austin City Limits Music Festival -- They say everything is big in Texas and the lineup for the 2007 ACLMF proves that. Among the 130 artists slated to appear Sept. 14-16 in Zilker Park: Bob Dylan, Björk, the White Stripes, the Killers, Wilco, Arcade Fire, Muse, My Morning Jacket, Queens of the Stone Age, Bloc Party, Arctic Monkeys, The Decemberists, Pete Yorn, Regina Spektor, Amy Winehouse, the Kaiser Chiefs, LCD Soundsystem, Blonde Redhead and the National. Pack the suntan lotion and put the Shiner Bock on ice. It doesn't get much better than this. Plan your road trip now! -- D.O.

The view from Discovery World's Pilot House -- Without the opportunity to visit the top of the U.S. Bank Building anymore, the 360-degree view of the lakefront and out over Lake Michigan is one of the best in town. Although it doesn't offer much in height (which means you can only see the buildings closest to the lakefront Downtown), the Pilot House has great views north to McKinley Marina and south to Bay View. Looking out over the lake is stunning in most every season and when the temps are pleasant, there's an outdoor patio that circles the space, which is used for meetings, receptions and rentals. -- Bobby Tanzilo

The work of Yahoo! Sports national baseball writer Jeff Passan -- After a brief stint writing for the Kansas City Star's outstanding sports pages, Passan landed at Yahoo! And has been churning out compelling copy on a regular basis. Click here for a sample.  -- D.O.

Little Steven's Underground Garage -- The only man in show biz to serve as consigliere for Jersey icons Bruce Springsteen and Tony Soprano, Steve Van Zandt also moonlights as a disc jockey. The two-hour show, which airs from 10 p.m. to midnight Sunday on WKLH, is a two-hour feast of crunchy riffs found in popular songs, forgotten chestnuts and obscure tracks that will have you wanting more. If you miss a show on the radio, you can check out the archive at -- D.O.

The Outer Banks Chair -- Those stuff-in-a-sack chairs that fill the sidelines at soccer matches are cheap (many less than $10) and easy to carry, but they can't approach the comfort provided by the ash frame / stainless steel construction of the chair from Blue Ridge Chair Works. It costs $140, but it's worth it because of the cup holders and four positions. Check it out at Who can nap in a soccer mom chair, anyway? -- D.O.