By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Apr 12, 2007 at 5:28 AM's Word of the Day -- OK, so it's a tad on the dorky side of the spectrum of ways to improve your vocabulary, but you have to admit that having interesting words and, more importantly, their definitions delivered to your inbox on a daily basis is way easier than going for the dictionary every time you come across a baffling term in whatever you happen to me reading at the time. So, what do you get when you register for the Word of the Day? You get a definition, a pronunciation key, the etymology and a series of examples of the word being used in a sentence or quote, usually from an important or famous figure. Word nerds of the world, unite and take over. -- Julie Lawrence

Lucky Brand Jeans -- If the idea of paying close to $100 for a pair of jeans repulses you, head for the half-off rack at Farm and Fleet. If jeans are a staple of your wardrobe and you want a pair that looks great, fits great and lasts, check out a pair of Luckys. Available locally at Macy's and Carson's. -- Drew Olson

Good Magazine -- OK, I've only seen issue No. 3, a special on the media, but I think the bi-monthly Good is great. All its subscription income is donated to the charity of your choice (there's a list to choose from), they write interesting articles about environmental-friendly and people-friendly projects and businesses and at the front is a multi-page spread by a design group invited to "set the tone for the magazine with a visual interpretation of the issue theme." The attractive and engaging mag is trying to get 50,000 subscribers which will raise $1 million for groups like UNICEF, Teach for America and the World Wildlife Fund. The media issue reminded me of how I used to devour Brill's Content during its painfully short run. Be forewarned: buy issues when current because back issues are a whopping $15!!! Check out -- Bobby Tanzilo

Mika -- This London-based singer finally had his CD "Life in Cartoon Motion" released in the States. His song "Love Today" is being used in Verizon commercials and the song "Grace Kelly" is slowly getting airplay. All of his songs have an upbeat tempo and you'll want to put the whole CD on repeat. I drove an officemate mad when I didn't have the full CD, only four songs. Check out "Relax, Take It Easy," "Ring Ring" and "Stuck in the Middle." -- Heather Leszczewicz -- Launched in 2000 after Sean Forman was disappointed with not being able to find historical baseball statistics on the Web, this has evolved into the go-to site for fans and reporters seeking information on stats, biographies, awards, salaries and much more. It's a lot more portable (and more fun) than The Baseball Encyclopedia. -- D.O.

Method shower -- Cleaning the showers sucks. It's never easy and always a pain in the ass. Method daily shower cleaner and tub and tile spray make it easier and slightly less toxic. Try it. It's available at Target. -- Jeff Sherman

Fast Company -- Presented well online and in print, Fast Company is informational and cutting edge. Its content is edgy without being too over-the-top hip. It's business for today's companies like OMC and maybe even your own. Read it. - J.S.

Stranger Than Fiction -- Easily one of my favorite movies, "Stranger than Fiction" with Will Farrell is simple, creative, engaging and inspirational. Many will quickly write it of since it's a drama featuring a comic, but don't. I don't want to spoil the plotline or give anything away, so just trust me. And, Maggie Gyllenhaal is so good you'll want to kiss her (sorry, wife). Rent it or download it today. -- J.S.