By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Aug 26, 2021 at 10:31 AM

After more than a year in the dark, waiting out the pandemic and gussying itself up with some fancy new renovations, the Oriental Theatre opened back up last weekend. And to do its damnedest to make sure it doesn't have to shut down again, the beloved East Side movie palace has instituted COVID-19 protocols – updated this week – for filmgoers in the near future.

In addition to staff and attendees wearing masks at all times – save, for the latter, when actively eating and drinking – and currently selling tickets in to limited capacity to promote social distancing during screenings, Milwaukee Film has fully instituted a vaccination requirement for filmgoers and visitors. To enter the theater, attendees must present a vaccination card – either a hard copy or a photo featuring the entire front visible – showing they are at least 14 days out from their final dose. If a filmgoer is not vaccinated, they can also show a negative COVID test from within 72 hours of the movie showing from a medical facility or pharmacy. At-home test kit results will not be accepted. 

Other COVID-fighting measures include new bi-polar ionization air filtration systems built into the auditoriums during the theater's renovations, which help kill viruses. For more information on Milwaukee Film's COVID policies, visit their website

And that's it! Now it's back to the movies and back to the Oriental Theatre – where they're currently showing the brand new Jordan Peele-produced horror reboot "Candyman" (starting Friday), the critically acclaimed indie drama "CODA" and more. For full listings, and to buy tickets, click here. And we'll see you (safely) at the movies – particularly the upcoming Cultures & Communities Festival, which starts in September and looks incredible.

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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