By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Mar 13, 2018 at 5:06 PM

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As our recent Best of Bars poll showed, people are really gravitating toward craft breweries as their new corner tap – mostly thanks to each individual locale's unique brews, created right there in house. It's not just a Milwaukee trend either. Brew City, ironically, is just now really hopping on the craft beer bandwagon that's already swept much of the nation.

But sometimes, you're not in the mood for some carefully crafted, artisan, thoughtfully brewed beer handed to you in a glass by the very brewmaster behind the whole ordeal. Sometimes, you just want a damn beer, hot off the assembly line and cold out of the can, foamy and refreshing and carrying exactly one flavorful note: beer.

Hey, we're not here to beer-shame. A clean, uncomplicated macro lager is sometimes the only thing that'll hit the spot – and today, Paste Magazine did the lord's work, gathering up 30 of the nation's most popular macro lagers to determine, in a blind taste test, which of those macro options is best for quenching one's undemanding thirst. 

The verdict? Just like the Chicago craft brewers polled last summer by the Chicago Tribune, Paste went ham for Hamm's, placing it at the top of its lager list. In fact, the results landed very similar to that then-notorious article, with MillerCoors scoring very highly and taking four of the top five slots. Miller Lite took fifth, while MGD and High Life snagged fourth and third, respectively. And in case that wasn't enough Milwaukee representation in the top five, Brew City-born Pabst Blue Ribbon took home the silver medal in Paste's taste test. 

As for Brew City's famous beer rival, Bud Light placed at an underwhelming 22nd, while Budweiser landed just inside the top 10 in ninth – slightly ahead of "Schlabst," the decade-old Milwaukee-born invention combining the hoppy powers of, yes, Schlitz and Pabst. And they say mixology isn't a real thing.

Meanwhile, pour one out for Colt 45 because the famed malt liquor finished in dead last. Sorry, Billy Dee.

To read the entire list, check out Paste Magazine's article. And to perform your own very scientific study of macro-brews, check out your local corner bar or hidden gem. It's not drinking; it's research!

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