By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Mar 09, 2024 at 10:01 AM

On Sunday night, Hollywood will open its special shiny envelopes (hopefully all the correct ones this year) and reveal the winners of the 96th Academy Awards. But no matter who comes away with the tall golden men on Sunday night, you could be a winner as well with Potawatomi Sportsbook. 

Yes, in addition to all the sports action this weekend, fans can also place their bets on the big winners at the Oscars this year at the Potawatomi Sportsbook, taking bets now through to the ceremony itself. Call it a perfect way to keep things entertaining when an acceptance speech starts going WAY too long or Jimmy Kimmel's jokes start falling REALLY flat.

Found at Potawatomi Casino Hotel's website, you can find the odds on just about every award hitting the stage on Sunday night – from the ultimate prize of Best Picture to even the smallest categories like Best Sound and all three batches of shorts film nominees.

Thinking Christopher Nolan and "Oppenheimer" are going to run ruckus over the awards on Sunday night? Or maybe that "Barbie" will surprise – whether in a major category or in one of the craft divisions – after Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig got snubbed in January? Got strong opinions about the shorts or documentary winners? Choosing between Miyazaki and Marvel for Best Animated Feature? Place a bet and you too could be giving a giddy acceptance speech on Sunday night. (Just probably to a significantly smaller, less televised audience.)

Pro tip: Most of the major categories are pretty much locked up, with huge favorites meaning less-than-huge payouts. (For instance, Robert Downey Jr. is a -10000 favorite to win Best Supporting Actor for "Oppenheimer," which means a $100 bet would only earn you your money back plus $1.) But some of the smaller categories – particularly Best Production Design, Best Makeup/Hair, Best Costume Design and Best Documentary Short – still have some really tasty odds and up-in-the-air expectations, so keep your eye on those.

But no matter if you want to take a swing at a shocker in one of the major categories or take a crack at one of the craft categories, Potawatomi Sportsbook will take your Oscars bets all the way until the show begins at 6 p.m. on Sunday night. Unlike many of the sports options, parlay bets (aka a bet comprised of two or more wagers that all have to come through to win) will not be taken for the Academy Awards. 

To place your bets, head over to the main Potawatomi Sportbook, found on the first floor of the casino – or, to place your wager as fast as possible before the play-off music starts nudging you off the stage, you can place your Oscar bets at one of the Sportsbook kiosks on the second floor, found just off the skywalk right next to Cream City Coffee Co.

For more information on the Oscar odds, click here – and for more info about Potawatomi Sportsbook, check out And as for help on your Oscar bets, here are my predictions for the big winners on Hollywood's biggest night

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