By Fred Dintenfass   Published Jul 28, 2005 at 5:41 AM

{image1}Sake Tuesdays at the Redroom has long been an incubator of new talent, a regular stopping point for more established DJs and an opportunity to hear many, many different types of music in the same chill location.

Right now Milwaukee is actually a really good town for DJs and those that love them. The last few years have seen record spins become commonplace and most of the Mil's new DJs, spinning punk to funk, have graced the Redroom's Sake Tuesdays along with the scene's veterans.

Brian Tarney started Sake Tuesdays two years ago in an attempt to buck up a traditionally slow night by bringing in some new sounds and making sake available outside of Japanese restaurants. "At the time we started the night I was really into drinking sake," admits Tarney.

With the exception of "Young Gifted and Black" -- a DJ crew that spins funk, soul, hip hop and dub every last Tuesday of the month (full disclaimer: I'm part of the crew) -- the night is usually scheduled as one-offs to allow for maximum variety.

The DJs that have warmed the Redroom on a cozy night are from all musical walks of life: DJ Spring Break is better known as rapper Kid Millions; Lemonie Fresh hosts an eclectic show on WMSE; Since by Sam plays in a hardcore band of a similar name (Since by Man); bts.wrkng warms the floor for Stereo Total and other hip touring acts and controls the airwaves Monday nights on WMSE.

Tuesdays are now one of the Redroom's busiest nights. The stream of DJs from all corners of the musical universe has brought in a wide range of people and many of them have stayed.

"I would say that the majority of people that attend are regulars" says Tarney, who, when not piloting the bar at the Redroom, books Onopa Brewing Company and DJs as Magnum DJ. "Milwaukee is a very small town. People with the same taste and interests gravitate towards each other very quickly here."

What makes the Redroom unique is the range of people it has brought together. On any given Tuesday night you might stop in for the sake specials and find yourself listening to Swedish psychedelic soul from the '70s, British electro, '80s rock and/or Kanye West.

Although dancing does occasionally break out and tables do sometimes get pushed off to the side, the Redroom is a lounge -- a place to chill, chat and lose track. In the dark womb-like environment surrounded by the late crowd it's easy to forget that it's a Tuesday night, that you're still in Milwaukee, that it's after 1 a.m. and you have to work in the morning.

"The main intent", explains Tarney "is to help expose people to less commercial DJ spins that are not just your typical house or top 40 night." Tarney has gone out of his way to feature new talents as well as new tunes. Milwaukee's smartest working man in show business Flavor Dav may have made his vinyl debut at the Redroom and WMSE's Brentspencer first showed his DJ face there.

"I certainly have seen some amateur DJs grow into pros over the last few years," remarks Tarney.

See for yourself. Invest in the future of quality music in Milwaukee and head down to the Redroom and join the regulars already sippin' on the sake.

Tunes before ten at Sake Tuesday: Brian Tarney's current faves:

Colder -- Heat: Sexy French dubbed-out post-punk.
Pretty Tony -- Jam The Box: Miami electro hip hop pioneer.
The Juan Maclean -- Less Than Human.
"Ghana Soundz" -- A stellar '70s Afro-funk compilation.