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Sorry, Mrs. Roush, your son Scott is coming home to Milwaukee for more than just your cooking, Sprecher Root Beer, late night George Webb and cheese curds! Roush is the drummer for Rossonian, a "hot pop, garage soul, electro-sensual rock & roll" band returning to the area to appear at The Jazz Estate on Thursday, May 7.

Roush can’t wait to hit up his favorite local music store Cascio Interstate music when he’s back in town.

"That place is truly special. We don't have a music store like it in Denver. It's great to see a place like that still exists in today's Guitar Center/internet sales dominated world. There's nothing like walking into a store with a huge inventory and being able to try before you buy," he says.

Roush and Rossonian’s bassist, Kramer Kelling are former members of the Milwaukee jam band outfit, Toad King. The rhythm section met in UW-Milwaukee’s Music Program and have been involved in several projects together. Toad King used to host The Up and Under’s Monday night open mic, where the band cut their teeth backing a grab bag of artists from "punk rockers to hip hop MC's, from folk singers to jazz saxophonists." Roush credits the diverse exposure for helping them "refine our chops and develop our own eclectic sound."

Roush recalls a local music memory from 2008, when Toad King hosted a show at The Miramar Theatre.

"The show was billed as a psychedelic-music-and-arts festival and featured many of our non-musician artist friends performing alongside the band. We performed songs with a live painter, tap dancers, a fire spinner and even a friend of mine who raced to solve two Rubik's cubes before we finished a song exactly 3 minutes in length," says Roush. "He kept the crowd in suspense and barely beat us, making the final turn on the second cube a split second before we finished the song."

In 2009, all four members of Toad King relocated to Denver after enthusiastic reception from audiences there. Although the other half of Toad King has since moved away, Roush and Kelling remained in Denver where they formed Rossonian with vocalist / guitarist Seth Evans after meeting at a "School of Rock" type summer program called Camp Jam where they were instructors for middle to high school aged musicians.

The three began working together on some of Evan’s original compositions and played their first show in 2012 as Rossonian at Denver's biggest music festival, the Denver Post’s Underground Music Showcase. They released their first EP in 2013, "You are Your Own Dentist."

Rossonian’s sound defies its namesake, the hotel / jazz club famously mentioned in Jack Kerouac’s "On the Road." The band actually lives just two blocks away from what remains of the façade. Roush hopes "to continue embodying the same plethora of new music in the same neighborhood that it once stood. It is inspiring to think of all the musical greatness that once walked the exact streets, so close to our own home and rehearsal space."

Rossonian’s EPK describes them as a "grittier, groove oriented Alt-J with Bowie / Prince-like multiform ingenuity and the beautifully pop polished quirkiness of bands like Steely Dan and Vampire Weekend."

Their tracks have a headiness that feels dreamy, yet are totally danceable while remaining accessible. This is major make out music to add to the playlist. Roush promises sensual pop songs, synthesizers, up-tempo drumbeats, and lush, three-part vocal harmonies at the Jazz Estate show, which happens to be his favorite club in the country.

Rossonian was named one of Metropolitan (Denver) Magazines "Bands to Watch" and their first single "Late Kids" from their next EP can be heard here.

American Flags are optional for the show. Doors open at 8 p.m.

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