By Amy Christiansen Special to Published Aug 12, 2008 at 3:19 PM

Apparently Sal thinks there is a revolving door in front of animal control, as he has been there at least three times in the last year.

The first was late last summer. I remember seeing him and making a mental note to watch him and if not reclaimed to consider him for the adoption program. However, after a few days he was reunited with his family and I didn't think I'd see him again. Imagine my surprise when earlier this year, I saw him there again.

Even though animal control takes in thousands of dogs each year, Sal is so uniquely marked and has such an exuberant personality that he is easily remembered among the many dogs I've met, and I knew it was him right away. But the second time his family did not return to pick him up.

At the end of his hold period, he easily passed evaluation and was transferred to the adoption program. On his first weekend available for adoption, he was adopted and within a few days matched with what had hoped would be his permanent family.

Fast forward a few weeks and I thought someone was playing a trick on me when I found him sitting at animal control for at least the third time, grinning and wagging his whole body as I passed by his kennel. He had been found running at large the day before. We attempted to make contact with his family but were unsuccessful.

We are now hoping the third time is the charm for this boy. Sadly, some dogs take a while to find their perfect family and until they do, all of his needs will be met in foster care.

Sal is an approximately 2-year-old American bulldog. He is now neutered and current on vaccinations, as well as microchipped. We now know a lot about Sal, as he has been living in foster care and attending doggy day care for the better part of six weeks since he last entered animal control. He is extremely affectionate with his people, great with other dogs, obedient and respectful, as well as housebroken. He rides well in the car and is mindful of his humans and rarely barks. He is great with children however does have a strong desire to chase small animals -- so a home without cats or caged pets is required.

While we have never left him unattended, we have to assume that if left alone outdoors, even in a fenced yard, Sal may be either anxious enough about being left or curious enough to explore that he is able to figure out a way to escape enclosure. For this reason, and also due to his short coat and fair complexion (increased risk of skin cancer from prolonged sun exposure), we do not recommend leaving Sal outdoors unattended or for any extended period of time.

Sal is a really phenomenal boy, and we are likely to take extra steps to ensure that his next placement really is his last -- but the family that is lucky enough to adopt Sal will surely not regret it! We all love him and enjoy being around his fun loving-personality and know that you will, too. Please visit Sal and all of our dogs for adoption Saturdays and Sundays from noon-2 the Petsmart located at 74th & Edgerton in Greenfield.

Call (414) 421-8881 or visit for more information.

Amy Christiansen Special to

Amy Christiansen is the Executive Director of the Companion Animal Resource and Adoption Center (CARAC). CARAC is located in the upper level of Southridge Mall and is dedicated to saving the unclaimed strays from the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission.

Amy grew up on the South Side of Milwaukee and now lives in Muskego with her husband and son and their three cats and three dogs. She also takes in the occasional foster dog.