By Sarah Foster Special to Published Oct 16, 2010 at 11:14 AM

Like any child growing up, I had tons of posters up on my walls. As soon as Brett Favre came on the scene, I was instantly in love and many of those New Kids On The Block posters were replaced by photos and ads and posters featuring a young, strapping football player from Mississippi. I wanted to marry Brett Favre. He was my hero. When the Packers won the Super Bowl he was everyone's hero.

Years later, when Favre left Green Bay, I was heartbroken. He was supposed to retire a Packer. Maybe that wasn't his agenda or assumption, but it was mine. He represented everything we loved about football because it seemed so obvious to us that he played for the love of the game. An all American 'boy' that we all wanted a piece of.

And now, just like the Tiger Woods story, we're watching as a man, an athlete we held on a pedestal, begins to crumble before our eyes. Sure, since he left Green Bay, many in Wisconsin have denounced him and tried to forget how much they loved him, but that was all for the most part forgivable for me.

After all, sports are like any other business and, though it may hurt, you have to do what makes the most sense for the business. Seeing him play in a Vikings jersey was like someone repeatedly punching me in the stomach but when it was all said and done, there was still respect there.

I could've gotten over Favre leaving. Eventually I would've made my peace with it and cheered as he retired some day, knowing he was the best to play the game and how lucky I've been to have seen him play in person a handful of times. But now, just like Tiger, he's gone from this amazing man, extraordinary athlete, idolized by young sports lovers across the country, to a joke. He's no more than a bad picture of a half limp penis.

The voice in the voicemails sounds like Brett Favre. I've never seen his penis before now but supposedly that's it. His messages, like his last few years in the game, come across as so desperate for attention. He's practically begging this young woman to call him back, come over to his hotel, look at my dick! Something, anything!

Speaking of which, can we talk about the elephant in the room here? Every time this topic has come up in conversation, everyone agrees that when sexting, especially sexting someone you desperately want to get into your hotel room as quickly as possible, you don't send a pic of your penis at half mast. No one wants to see your penis doing a Shar Pei impression. Either you give it all you've got or you don't bother sending the pic... unless it's a joke, and you better make sure everyone you send it to knows it's a joke.

Like any person in a position of power, he was expecting to get what he wanted. He wasn't expecting to be the laughing stock of Sunday afternoons. Did you see the latest Favre video where he's hit in the "groin" with a football at Vikings practice? Hilarious! I wonder how much Deanna paid for that bull's eye.

This story actually broke months ago. Accusations that Favre had taken photos of his penis and sexted them to this woman were floating about and then just as quickly as they had been made, they disappeared. He was supposedly wearing Crocs in the pictures. (Which I personally think is twice as offensive. Come on, Favre, Crocs!?)

As most of us know, you can take naked pics of yourself all you want. You can even take the risk of sending them to other adults who may use them in ways you didn't intend, but it's particularly bad practice to send them to people that work in the same company. That's called sexual harassment and it's against the law. For awhile, it seems either the Jets or the National Football League as a whole was trying to make this story go away as fast as possible. They have to protect their assets and, in this case, their asset is Favre.

The way it looks now, there is no making this go away quickly or quietly. The Tiger Woods stuff was a feeding frenzy and we haven't seen any pictures of his peter... yet. Normal, everyday people should realize that sexting can have some very embarrassing consequences. How does one of the most famous athletes in the world not know better than to participate in what was all but guaranteed to get leaked?

I know that many of you will disagree when I call Favre a hero. You think athletes 'shouldn't be role models,' and that's a fine opinion, a naïve one but a fine one all the same. The vast majority of kids in this country love sports and therefore many of the famous people they look up to and emulate are athletes. These are the same athletes that sell us Gatorade, razors and McDonalds. Their bad behavior should in no way shock us, but it's still ok to be really pissed about it. We hold them to a higher standard and it's not crushing to find out they're human; it's just a huge disappointment to find out they're pricks.

Hate him for leaving the Packers, hate him for playing for the Vikings, hate him for thinking he's above the law, hate him for wearing Crocs, hate him for cheating on his wife. Hate him for whatever reasons you want; they are mounting. I don't hate Favre and I'm not even sure why I'm surprised this happened, but I am beginning to feel sorry for him and I'm so disappointed in a man that was once my childhood hero for being a complete idiotic pig. Put your dick away and retire already!

Sarah Foster Special to

No, the sex columnist's real name is not Sarah Foster. (Foster is the model/actress that played an ex-lover of Vincent Chase in the first season of "Entourage.") In reality, our sex columnist is a Wisconsin native with a degree in journalism and a knack for getting people to talk to her.

Sarah never considered herself an "above average" listener. Others, however, seem to think differently. Perhaps she has a sympathetic tone or expression that compels people to share their lives and secrets with her despite how little they know her. Everyone from the girl that does her hair to people in line at the grocery store routinely spill the details of their lives and relationships to Sarah, unprompted but typically not unwanted. It’s strange to her that people would do this, but she doesn’t mind. Sarah likes that she can give advice even if it is to complete strangers.

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