By Brian Kramp Special to Published Jul 23, 2013 at 5:00 PM

Back in April 2013, a stripped down version of the band Satellite opened up for Tristan Prettyman at Shank Hall. As amazing as seeing frontman Steven McMorran perform songs acoustic is, it's the sound of the full band that makes Satellite so appealing. Satellite is the musical collaboration between McMorran, Josh Dunahoo, Mitch Allan, and Erik Kertes. The band’s introspective lyrics, building tempos and guitar-heavy sound has helped build a solid following through non-stop touring.

Satellite may not have a big fan base in Milwaukee, but organizers of Paxfest believe in them enough that they've decided to bring Satellite to Milwaukee to headline their annual festival that fights pediatric cancer with music. The mission of Paxfest is to raise awareness for pediatric cancer by honoring Paxton Andrews, but it also helps fund pediatric cancer research and support programs for children fighting cancer. McMorran revealed to me that he went to college to be a pediatric oncologist. Music eventually beat out medical school, but the kids that suffer still have a special place in his heart.

In addition to Satellite, Milwaukee favorites Rectifier, Ivy Spokes, SlimRox and 5 Card Studs are all scheduled to perform at Paxfest on Saturday, August 24th, at Hart Park's Rotary Performance Pavilion.

In today's Kramp Cast Steve McMorran of Satellite and I talk about Paxfest 2013, life on the road and how Satellite's debut album "Calling Birds" is a representation of a huge change in his life.

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