By Drew Olson Special to Published Mar 24, 2007 at 5:40 AM

PHOENIX -- Welcome to the Spring Training edition of the Saturday Scorecard.

As the opening day countdown enters its final week, the Brewers prepare to face San Diego this afternoon at Maryvale Baseball Park and we'll spray a few line drives around the park:

Time for a closeup? The Brewers-Rockies game was postponed due to a rain / hailstorm after three innings Thursday, which meant that TV viewers didn't get to see the exciting "dugout" interview with a Brewers coach during the fifth.

I watched a fair amount of those last season and I suspected that Brewers manager Ned Yost, who is all business when it comes to games, wasn't too thrilled with the concept. He doesn't have a problem with coaches appearing and likes that they are compensated, but he would rather focus on the action on the field.

"It's not really necessary in my book," he said. "It's always a hassle. Your mind is on the game. you've got to stop what you're doing, go over to the corner."

Yost said that the folks at Fox Sports Net are considering doing interviews with starting pitchers who have left the game. The interviews take place outside the clubhouse and, much like the snippets with coaches coming in and out of halftime, seldom reveal anything too important.

"As soon as they're done, they've got regiments they get on to," Yost said of his starting pitchers."

Watching late: Speaking of TV, the people who stayed awake for the end of the Ohio State-Tennessee game Thursday night on CBS were treated to an exciting finish. For those who didn't make it, we pose the following question: why is baseball routinely ripped for having its playoff games run until roughly midnight on the East Coast (Monday Night Football draws similar complaints), but the NCAA Tournament can have a late night on its marquee event and nobody complains? I guess we're all too buried in our brackets to worry.

More exposure: A story by editor Neil Janowitz, who spent three days in Brewers camp, appears in the current issue of ESPN The Magazine. Like many participatory sports journalism pieces, Janowitz spends more time talking about himself and his own athletic shortcomings than revealing insights about the inner-workings of the Brewers' camp.

Sports Illustrated's Tom Verducci, for whom I will one day happily cast a Spink Award ballot (the Spink is awarded for meritorious service to baseball writing), did a far superior cover piece a few years back after spending time in camp with the Blue Jays.

If you want a better non-Brewers slice of spring training, check out ESPN Magazine's piece by Padres pitcher Jake Peavy entitled: "8 Things You Should Know About Spring Training."

Still mending: Raise your hand if you think Corey Koskie will recover from post-concussion syndrome and have a significant impact on the field for the Brewers this season.




Koskie is a terrific individual, but the odds seem to be against him at this point.

Every day is Father's Day: Leftfielder Geoff Jenkins didn't change teams this winter, as many expected he would, but he underwent a life change when his wife, Jen, gave birth to the couple's first child, a daughter named Logan.

"It's been awesome," Jenkins said, adding that couple hopes to have more children sooner than later. "We'd like to have three in about five years."

Although the big-league lifestyle can make it difficult to juggle family life, many players say that the kids provide a welcome distraction from the stresses of the ballpark. Of course, having kids can bring its own brand of stress.

"The first time I was home alone with her, it was weird," Jenkins said. "I freaked out a little bit, but it's OK."

Wildcat strike? Marquette coach Tom Crean's name surfaced almost immediately as a possible replacement for Kentucky coach Tubby Smith.

The guess here: Crean will stay in Milwaukee, primarily because the Wildcats will focus on a coach -- perhaps Florida's Billy Donovan - with some recruiting roots in the Southeastern Conference.

That's great news for Marquette fans. Although Crean is definitely qualified for one of the "rock star" jobs in college hoops (North Carolina, Kentucky, Duke, Kansas, UCLA, etc.), his situation at Marquette is similar in terms of compensation, prestige and power.



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