By Dan Garcia Photographer Published Sep 11, 2023 at 7:36 AM

The Savannah Bananas swung into action at Franklin Field, the home of the Milwaukee Milkmen, for a thrilling weekend series against their rivals, the Party Animals. With three games in the weekend lineup, the ballpark was buzzing with energy, hosting sell-out crowds of approximately 4,500 fans for each game, ready to witness a little Savannah in the Dairyland. It was a weekend filled with baseball, entertainment and what has been dubbed “the greatest show in sports," a show that you can only fully experience live and in person.  

Let's take a look at 15 awesome photos capturing the essence of this one-of-a-kind event.  

1. Dr. Meadows gets to the point 

Savannah BananasX

Dr. Meadows kicks off our gallery with an infectious smile, pointing his bat right at the camera. His enthusiasm set the tone for the games ahead.  

2. The Banana 1k 

Savannah BananasX

As the gates swung open, fans raced their way to grab the best seats for the sold-out general admission game. Many proudly wore their best banana apparel, showing their support in style. 

3. Umpires love dancing too 

Savannah BananasX

Umpires aren't just there to make calls; they're allowed to groove too! In this photo, an umpire drops it low while the Bananas catcher gets ready to receive a low pitch. The dance adds an unexpected twist to America's favorite pastime.  

4. "Stilts" 

Savannah BananasX

The Savannah Bananas' very own Dakota "Stilts" Albritton is a sight to behold, signing a fan's banana-themed baby. He plays baseball on stilts, so he's definitely not a "short"stop!  

5. Sold-out Saturday 

Savannah BananasX

More than 4,000 fans filled Franklin Field for Saturday afternoon's game, marking the second of three sell-outs on the weekend. The atmosphere was electric as the Bananas took the field.  

6. "The Young Professor" 

Savannah BananasX

Matt Graifer, also known as "The Young Professor," took center stage on top of the dugout, hyping up the crowd with his infectious energy and charisma as one of the hosts of the game.  

7. Baby Banana of the Game 

Savannah BananasX

The team gathered around Saturday afternoon's "Baby Banana" of the game for good luck before facing off against the Party Animals. "Circle of Life" from "The Lion King" played throughout the stadium, adding to the magic. 

8. Pre-game parade and rally 

Savannah BananasX

Fans gathered outside the gates at Franklin Field as the Bananas band and players led a pre-game parade and rally, creating an unforgettable experience before the gates even opened.  

9. The Banana man 

Savannah BananasX

Savannah Bananas founder Jesse Cole shared a moment with the VIBs (Very Important Bananas) before gates opened, setting the stage for a memorable day of baseball and entertainment.  

10. Bat trick specialist 

Savannah BananasX

Alex Ziegler, known as the Bananas' bat trick king, showcased his impressive  bat spinning skills for the eager fans. A true showman on and off the field!  

11. Jackson Olson's inner cheesehead

Savannah Bananas

Infielder Jackson Olson may be from the East Coast, but he proudly donned a cheesehead to connect with the Wisconsin crowd, proving that Bananas fans come from all over.  

12. Banana split 

Savannah BananasX

The Bananas mascot, "Split," made sure to remind fans why potassium does the body good, all while showing off his impressive "abs."  

13. Ryan Cox's dance moves 

Savannah BananasX

Infielder Ryan Cox got into the groove before his first at-bat of the game, dancing to some Yung Joc. His playful spirit added to the fun atmosphere.  

14. Dan Oberst's swagger 

Savannah BananasX

First baseman Dan Oberst showed off for the camera before Saturday's game,  exuding confidence and swagger.  

15. A foul ball out 

Savannah BananasX

Savannah Bananas catcher Bill LeRoy celebrates with a fan who caught a foul ball for an out, which in Banana Ball counts as an out. It's moments like these that make the Savannah Bananas unique take on America’s Pastime truly special.