By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Nov 28, 2022 at 6:01 PM Photography: Ty Helbach

Some of Summerfest's biggest surprises can often be found amongst the smaller names on their annual headliner posters. That was certainly the case in 2021, when modestly mixed in amongst the small-print grounds stage acts was "DJ Diesel" – more famously known as four-time champion NBA hall of famer and "Kazaam" star Shaquille O'Neal. And unlike some other novelty celebrity EDM experiences at the Big Gig, Shaq was actually a pretty fun time! (Certainly better than watching "Steel.") 

Don't believe me? Find out for yourself – because "DJ Diesel" is coming back to Milwaukee to perform at The Rave next month. 

The backboard-breaking NBA icon will take The Rave stage on Friday, Dec. 30 as the opening night headliner for the venue's two-night Stellar Spark New Year's Eve party. Starting at 8 p.m., Shaq will be joined on night one by Must Die!, 1788-L and Rated R.

The second day of The Rave's New Year's celebration will then spotlight SVDDEN DEATH with special guests Space Laces, VAMPA, SweetTooth, Nate Derus, Athenis, Finchie, DJ Reims and OpticBox – along with Reggaetonlandia featuring DJ Flaco, DJ CHris P, DJ Dmatic and DJ Don B. 

Tickets for the venue's two-night New Year's extravaganza – both two-day passes and single-day admission, along with other VIP options – are on sale now at The Rave's website. And enjoy ringing in 2023 the best way I know how: getting your ears sonically dunked on by an NBA all-star. 

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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