By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Aug 13, 2020 at 6:16 PM

With new movies actually (maybe?) on the horizon, more theaters across the nation are beginning to reopen. But in case sitting inside with strangers is still a bridge too far for you to cross, Silverspot Cinema in The Corners of Brookfield – which unlocked its doors on July 17 – has a potential solution to get you back out to the big screen in a safer, more controlled way: private screening rentals.

For $99, Silverspot will now rent out a private screening on the big screen for you and your friends and family (up to eight people, with each additional guest costing $10 up to 40 percent auditorium capacity). Guests choose which movie they want to watch for their showing by choosing a selection from their own personal streaming accounts while the $99 fee is credited toward food and beverages purchased during the screening, giving guests the opportunity to branch out and enjoy dinner and a movie with less concern for safety.

The concept of renting entire theaters amidst the pandemic was introduced earlier this summer by Cinemark locations, which offered "private watch parties" up to 20 guests for $99-125 with discounted concessions but limited guests' options to 18 pre-selected movies listed on the chain's website.

"We’re very excited to launch Silverpot Private," said Silverspot managing partner, Gonzalo Ulivi, in a release. "Guests can enjoy a film on the big screen in a private setting. It’s the ultimate movie-going experience. The large size of our auditoriums makes these gatherings safe, plus we have full-service food and bar. We think these will be very popular."

For more information on Silverspot Private – or to start claiming your theater – click here

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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