By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Oct 06, 2013 at 5:04 AM

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People have strong opinions when it comes to french fries and, consequently, this week’s Social Circle question received an overwhelming response.

Here is a sampling of answers, and go to the Facebook page to see the rest of the thread. Also, feel free to add your favorite fries place via the Talkback feature.

Sarah Berg: "Dr. Dawg. Freshly hand cut, skin on, crispy."

Jill Braun: "Wicked Hop. Well that's what I thought during four of my pregnancies – couldn't get enough!"

Beth De Bord: "Red Dot. Because poutine ... just poutine."

Elaine Ernst: "Triskele’s."

Lori Fredrich: "Any restaurant that actually makes their own fries gets my vote. Otherwise, they're just jazzed up versions of the same."

Mary Gleason: "Hands down, Culver’s."

Monte Goodwin: "Obviously McDonald's. That stuff is made from crack."

Kelly Kessler Fay: "North Avenue Grill – hand-cut daily, just the right amount of crispiness and perfectly seasoned. I swear, I'm a french fry nut, and this place has the best fries, hands down."

Mike Kendall: "Golden Gyros on Lincoln, not too thick or thin and perfectly crispy."

Matthew Manciolek: "Comet."

Mary O’Connell: "Le Reve. Best french fries ever."

Dave Radke: "Ugly’s Pub’s truffle fries."

Julie Ragland: "Saz's fo’ sure."

Lisa Roe: "Stack*d, because they are gluten free."

Michael Schmidt: "I just had some great ‘steak’ fries at AP Kitchen."

Shawn Shotzawiski: "Saz's sour cream and chive fries. No need to explain why if you ever had them."

Jen Skladanek: "Hooligan's. They're always crisp and never greasy."

Patty Pritchard Thompson: "Kopp’s."

Jose De Jesus Sanchez: "Sweet potato fries at Oscar’s."

Anne E. Schwartz: "Capital Grill – truffle fries."

Toni Spott: "Whoever catered the opening night at the Milwaukee Fest."

Robert Vaughan: "Cafe Hollander, love the cone and dipping sauces."