By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Oct 13, 2011 at 5:32 AM

For the fifth straight year, October is Dining Month on, presented by Concordia University. All month, we're stuffed with restaurant reviews, delectable features, chef profiles and unique articles on everything food, as well as the winners of our "Best of Dining 2011."

This week, the Social Circle's talking pizza, and whoa, people are passionate about their pizza. Dozens of folks shared which restaurant makes their all-time favorite Brew City 'za, and responses came in all over the Milwaukee map, from Lisa's on the East Side to Barbiere's on Bluemound.

Pizza might be one of the few foods most people agree on. When bought by the pie, it's an extremely social food that doesn't require utensils. And when it's purchased by the slice, it's affordable, delectable and filling.

Let us know what's your favorite pizza shop by using the Talkback feature.

Margaret Bacik: "I vote for Via on Downer. Great sauce, perfect crust and not a ton of cheese."

Lisa Bergman: "Barbiere's, 62nd and Bluemound."

Karen Block: "The Olive Pit. Best sauce and crispy crust."

William Bunyon: "Lisa's on Oakland. They have perfect thin crust, excellent sauce that is tangy with just the right amount of sweet to balance it out, and the best pepperoni in the city, in my opinion."

Rebecca Carriere: "Lisa's."

Shaun Cross: "Zaffiro's and Lisa's on Oakland for a close second."

Mary Donahue: "Zaffiro's. The best."

John Ecker: "My favorite is Balistreri's. Love the crispy, crackery crust. And alliteration."

Becky Foster: "Palermo Villa. Right around the corner from you guys."

Cathy Gruenwald: "Balistreri's for the pizza and Mama Mias for the garlic bread."

Rich Hill: "The Olive Pit, hands down."

Walter Holstad: "Ian's or Classic Slice."

Trish Hundhausen: "I have to go with Transfer Pizzeria & Cafe. Love their chewy-crispy, bubbly crust and their La Bella with garlic cream sauce and artichokes is out of this world. Their pies offer a great old-world authenticity with ingredients you don't find everywhere."

Mary Irvin: "Barbiere's on Bluemound. There is something different about the crust and their sauce is delicious."

Sue Knight: "I say Lisa's, but (my daughter) Kaylei swears SoLo is the best in the world."

Tammy Kolbe: "Ned's Pizza on 27th Street, by Leon's. Hands down. They sell parbake and if I'm ever on the South Side I make a detour to get a few. It's the sauce. Sweet."

Dan Krass: "Balistreri's. Works. Extra crispy. My favorite bar pizza is Happy Tap."

Kate Laitinen: "Zaffiro's for the win! Excellent thin-crust pizza."

Adam Levin: "Zaffiro's on Farwell. Best thin crust you can get."

Paul Leyer: "Lalli's in Wauwatosa. Thick crust, great sauce."

Lisa Lilach: "Eduardo's stuffed spinach. So fresh tasting."

Sedonia Lucchesi: "I've always loved Lisa's."

Dave Mikolajak: "Balistreri's. They've been dominating for over 40 years."

Daniel Nathan: "Whole Foods has the best slice in town. Brick 3 is sometimes good. Mama Mia's on Silver Spring is still pretty good for a pepperoni pizza."

Audra O'Connell: "Ian's mac 'n' cheese pizza for sure."

Harvey Opgenorth: "I would give my left arm if there were as Transfer Pizzeria in L.A."

Annie Ovans: "Mmmmm. Lisa's gets my vote."

Erin Puariea: "Marie's, hands down."

Christina Poth: "Balistreri's on 68th St. So good!"

Erika Pearson Rupnow: "Lalli's on 88th and North. Great pizza."

Dan Schmidt: "Tenuta's in Bay View. The virgin crust is incredible."

Bret Spangenberg: "Lisa's. I like the sauce, crust and toppings."

Neal Steffek: "Brick 3 Pizza. Best in Milwaukee."

Becky Tesch: "I am also a big fan of Lisa's and have been since I was a kid. But Classic Slice is also amazing! And Tenuta's is amazing. Toughtcall!"

Monica Thomas: "Maria's on Forest Home. Perfect thin-crust pizza, authentic kitsch. And the staff really makes you feel like family. Bonnie the waitress remembers my dad going back as far as the '50s."

Eric Orstavik: "Zaffiro's for sure."

Kendall Yahr: "Zaffiro's forever. On Farwell, not the crap at the movie theaters! And yes, Maria's is good, too, but mostly for the ambience. Zaffiro's just kicks ass on its own."