By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published May 24, 2009 at 8:01 AM

By now, almost everyone is aware that all bars and restaurants will have a no-smoking policy in July 2010. Many bar and restaurant owners say they will accommodate smokers with sufficient outdoor smoking environments, however, some establishments already have policies that ban smoking on their patios.

What are your thoughts on smoke-free patios? Are they taking the anti-smoking trend too far or is it a necessary step to ensure a pleasant drinking or dining experience for everyone? Sound-off, Milwaukee.

Smoking should be permitted on a patio. Patios are outdoors, so smokers should be able to light up when they’re eating or drinking there. People are taking the non-smoking stance way too far. We live in a city, and like most cities, there's a lot of air pollution regardless of cigarette smoke. Lighten up, non-smokers, and let the smokers light up outdoors.

Smoking should not be permitted on patios. Even if sitting outside, cigarette smoke is still offensive. For me, the smell of it ruins my appetite and I don’t want it anywhere around me -- indoors or outdoors. People can smoke on their private patios, but lighting up on a public patio is disrespectful to others.