By Stephanie Graham Special to Published Apr 12, 2019 at 6:00 PM

Editor's note: The following sponsored content was provided by Steinhafels.

It’s that time of year when the weather can’t seem to make up its mind – one day it’s spring, the next day winter is back with a vengeance.

This also happens to be the perfect time to update your patio collection. Steinhafels has a bunch of new patio items, now available for 40 percent off or more! Order your items now to make sure you have them in time for the entire patio season.

The patio design trend of bringing the indoors OUT is more popular than ever! We are striving to create a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere in our yards in order to make the most of our fleeting summer and fall seasons.

OnMilwaukee’s Carolynn Buser recently visited our Corporate Store in Waukesha and took a stroll through the lobby, which has been transformed into a patio showcase. Patio Buyer Brit Bortz and Decorating Solutions Interior Designer Devin Bagdassian showed her some of our top sellers and the hottest new trends this patio season.

Curating a patio collection that appeals to all styles and budgets doesn’t happen overnight. Brit says she’s been working on this season’s patio collection since LAST July!

"I really start looking at what worked the year prior, and we go to market, and get an idea what the trends are, and we get a lot of feedback from vendors and brand representatives, and they tell us the next best thing," she added.

One of the sets Brit showed us was the Bainbridge, which features a "cream-type" coloration that’s exclusive to Steinhafels!

"You can only find it here with us, with this cushion combination," she noted. "It really fits with the neutral trend and the blue trend – the pillows make it pop. This set is great for entertaining and hanging with friends. The contour shape of it really makes it fun to just kinda relax and socialize with friends and family."

We also took a closer look at the fabulous new Aurora Firepit. It’s faux stone and has a very sophisticated yet relaxed feel. You can also special order any coloration you want.

"Everybody loves to be able to customize and make it their own, put their own stamp on it, with these different color trends," Devin explains. She adds, "Gray is huge right now. It’s the new neutral! It pairs so well with bright pops of color and neutrals."

We also checked out some really cute new aluminum patio sets in fun colors, as well as new fire lanterns that will illuminate your space and help keep the mosquitoes away with SunJel Gel Fuel!

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