By Lacey Sadoff Special to Published May 28, 2007 at 12:58 PM

It doesn’t have to be wild and crazy to make you glamorous; you can jet set in jet black.  Even those afraid of prints and all things trendy can moonlight as ‘fashionistas’ this spring.  Simply make sure it fits properly, has modern fabrication, doesn’t contain shoulder pads, and is tastefully accessorized.

The following are six ageless and wearable must-vave trends for Spring and Summer:

1. The Return of The Dress
The ‘return of the dress’ happened years ago, but it hasn’t gone anywhere -- and rightfully so.  A dress can be the most flattering thing on any body type. Dress it up, dress it down, belt it, layer it, even wear it over jeans! Don’t feel like it has to only exist as how it is displayed on the hangar.  Imagine it with different color hosiery.  Imagine layering it over a long sleeve shirt or turtleneck.  Imagine it with heels, imagine it with boots!  How about ballet flats? Dresses are sexy.  Play with them.

2. Jersey Knits are the New Black
Find them everywhere in every shape and color.  Pick a style that flatters you, be it a wrap dress, an empire waist bubble shirt, a tube top, long sleeve tunic, the list goes on and on.  Get a couple in basic solid colors.  And one in a print.  If you have too much black already, go with a shade of grey, or even better -- a bright springy color! You will wear these like a uniform all summer long and then layer them when it gets chilly.  Easy to dress up or down with shoes and accessories. This can be a tough fabric for the body-conscious.  A few tips to make the sometimes thin and clingy material flattering: darker colors are slimming; look for silhouettes that aren’t tight, but instead drape and flow; remember rouching can hide a lot.

3. Layers, Leggings, and Tunics, oh my!
The elastic-waisted, spandex-esque, 80’s born legwear is back with a vengeance! Wear them anywhere with anything -- and in any color!  The trend is with tunics or dresses, any size or shape.  Belt them or wear loose if you’re feeling the need to disguise any areas.  If you really can’t return to the legging, buy yourself a pair of ‘skinny’ jeans.  Or at least skinnier than those old ones you’ve been wearing, and wear them like you’d wear leggings.  And be kind, please wear with heels.  Flats will only occasionally be accepted.

4. Silk prints
These can be very intimidating, even beyond the ‘dry clean only’ tag.  Trust us, try one on.  Most are dresses but can also be found in tunics and halter style shirts.  Typically cut with an empire waist, silk prints are flattering for all (yes, seriously) and bring a youthful air back to fashion.  Pair with flats to dress down for day, and heels or wedges to sass up for evening.  Great for events, or a simple night out on the town.  Get maximum usage when you pair with hosiery and layer over long sleeves to wear into fall.

5. Dream It and Theme It

With all the retro wear coming into style, there really isn’t one era you need to dress for.  Feeling pinup today?  How about rocker glam?  Maybe a little Jackie O for lunch at the club? I’m not just talking sunglasses here, do it all the way.  If you’re feeling inspired, wear at least two accessories and one garment that fit the era you’re going for.  You’ll have fun, look totally styled, and garnish some power from the ladies of the past.

6. Have a fashion philosophy.  
Wear what you wear with intention and reason to wear it.  Buy things that inspire you, that make you comfortable, confident, sexy, and excited.  Create a wardrobe that speaks, inspires.  You’ll feel better and look better in things that express you.  Have pride in your style and be you.

Lacey Sadoff Special to
Lacey Sadoff is a graduate of Marquette University and has lived in Milwaukee for six years. She is currently employed at Lela Boutique as Marketing Director. Other than fashion and writing, Lacey enjoys art, music and traveling. She hopes you enjoy her takes on fashion. Full disclosure, Lela is co-owned by Stephanie Sherman, wife of OMC president Jeff Sherman.