By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Mar 31, 2023 at 5:01 PM

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Your childhood is either about to be invigorated or murdered, because that classic Sunny D orange drink is now in the booze business. 

Unleashed upon taste buds and livers earlier this month, the Sunny D vodka seltzer combines the orange juice craze of your childhood with the bubbly booze craze of today. Currently available in four-packs, the Sunny D seltzer registers at 95 calories per can, zero grams of sugar and – in the most significant difference from the original kid-friendly version – 4.5% ABV, meaning Sunny D can now deliver an actual buzz to go along with its traditional sugar buzz. 

So does this new nostalgic drink bubble up to the top of the ever-growing seltzer pool? Or does the Sunny D vodka seltzer earn a D grade? Have a watch:

Yes, unlike "Fuller House" or low-rise jeans, this is a retro update done right! Upon first sip, the orange flavor isn't as saccharine sweet as I potentially feared, instead hitting the taste buds as rather fizzlingly refreshing and tastefully clean. It may be a play toward your childhood memories but it doesn't taste cavity-inducingly childish. The Sunny D vodka seltzer also doesn't have the tinny flavor that many canned cocktails can pack. The result is one of the better canned beverages I've swigged in recent memory.

That being said – and this is going to sound bizarre in reference to a Sunny D product – the vodka seltzer is better savored than chugged. No, really. After my first shockingly enjoyable can, I tried making my way through the rest of the four-pack, but the (almost certainly artificial) orange flavor started to wear on me. So if you give this vodka seltzer a go, spread out your sips. 

If you want to get your lips on this libation, the Sunny D vodka seltzer is allegedly available at select Walmart stores nationwide – though, in my arduous search for the stuff, I wasn't able to find it there. Instead, I found my four-pack at Total Wine – at 9 a.m. on a Tuesday, like the mature and sophisticated grown-up I am – though you'll want to move at the speed of sunlight to snag it. It took a few calls to find a Total Wine with the Sunny D vodka seltzer in stock, and when I did, my four-pack was the last one on the shelf. Clearly after our grey and gloomy winter, people are craving any kind of sun they can get their mitts on. 

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