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Sunday marks the greatest athletic spectacle sports has to offer. Of course I am speaking of the Puppy Bowl – but there's also the Super Bowl, the second greatest athletic spectacle sports has to offer, this year pitting the Not Green Bay Packers against the Also Not Green Bay Packers at 5:30 p.m. on FOX.

But even though the green and gold once again missed out on bringing the Lombardi Trophy back to its proper home, that's no reason to pull an Aaron Rodgers and hide away in darkness and solitude. In fact, several places around town are hosting Super Bowl watch parties to savor the sporting prowess, the hotly anticipated Rihanna halftime show, the outrageous advertisements and everything in between, all together – complete with specials of both edible and alcoholic varieties. 

So whether you're rooting for another KC masterpiece, another Philly special, a surprise post-halftime Rihanna album drop or a commerical that's either hilarious or flops so hard that it becomes hilarious, here are two touchdowns' worth of local bars and venues getting together for the big game on Sunday.

3rd Street Market Hall

275 W. Wisconsin Ave., (414) 249-5062
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The Super Bowl is a glorious feast of excess – so why not feast on excess yourself, by watching the game surrounded by more than a dozen food options at 3rd Street Market Hall? From wings to arepas to baked goods to sushi to tacos and classic American comfort foods, this Downtown dining hub offers pretty much whatever you're craving – complete with the big game blasting on its 15-foot projection screen. Better yet, you too can feel like a champion on Sunday, because the market hall will raffle off a tailgate party. All you need to do to enter is buy a refreshing peach palmer cocktail. Click here for more details – and visit here for more food and more fun at your Super Bowl hang. 

Black Husky Brewing

909 E. Locust St., (414) 763-4141
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Community is king at this Riverwest craft brewery – and that'll be the case with its Super Bowl shenanigans as well, hosting a special taco potluck for the world's most watched sporting event. Starting at 3 p.m. on Sunday, bring in your favorite Mexican dish to share with your fellow Brew City Super Bowl spectators and pig out while watching the pigskin. The neighborhood brewery will then stay open through to the end of the game, so Black Husky makes a great spot to make sure your Super Bowl Sunday doesn't go to the dogs. (And on that topic: As its name suggests, Black Husky is dog-friendly both inside and out, so two-legged and four-legged football fans are all invited!)

Camp Bar

Multiple locations
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Camp out at any of Camp Bar's four area locations – Shorewood, Third Ward, Tosa or Deer Camp right by Deer District – this Sunday for tasty Super Bowl drink specials that'll help drown out any memory of this year's worst big game ads. (Fingers crossed on no crypto this time!) Domestic beer buckets will cost $20, White Claw buckets will cost $25 and High Noon buckets will run for $30 during Sunday's sporting spectacular – all while surrounded by a cozy cabin-like atmosphere that'll make these four or five hours of unofficial holiday feel even more like a warm escape. 

The Explorium Brewpub

143 W. St Paul Ave., (414) 423-1365
5300 S. 76th St. Unit 1450A, (414) 423-1365
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Whether you choose Explorium's original Southridge spot or its Third Ward hub, you'll have a spectacular Super Bowl thanks to the duo's big game festivities. Even before kickoff, Explorium will kick it with bottomless beermosas and bloodies to start the day off right. Then, when the game (and the ads) actually properly begin around 5:30 p.m., the local craft brewery will offer pizzas and nachos along with touchdown shots when your preferred team scores. So no matter your choice – Chiefs or Eagles, Third Ward or Southridge – everyone wins. (Well, not everybody; either the Chiefs or Eagles will have to lose.)

Garfield's 502

502 W. Garfield Ave., (414) 374-4502
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This wonderful hidden gem is always worth a visit – but that'll especially be the case on Sunday as Garfield's 502 will host a Super Bowl party complete with free food, live music and, of course, the big game and the star-studded ad breaks on all of its TV screens. With all that planned for its annual party and its always personable atmosphere, make this cozy hidden gem your Super Bowl haven this weekend.

Leff's Lucky Town

7208 W. State St., (414) 258-9886
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You're always in luck if you choose to snag a spot at this Tosa neighborhood favorite – and that won't be any different during Sunday's Super Bowl, when Leff's will go half-price on their popular, flavor-hopping wings. And as an added bonus, in addition to their usual flavors, Leff's is letting its fans decide what special wing flavors will be added to the menu for the big game. Vote on Leff's Facebook page – and then savor those winning wing sauces come Super Bowl time. Plus, if you've placed a prop bet on the Super Bowl, it's probably good luck to watch the game at a place with the word "luck" right there in the name. 


14460 W. College Ave., (414) 427-3838
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Whether it's the Super Bowl or Texans-Jets on a Thursday night, this suburban hotspot is always a football gameday favorite. Thankfully we're talking about the former rather than the latter this weekend, with Matty's throwing a Super Bowl soiree complete with the game on all of its copious TV screens, special Super Bowl feature menus, raffles for each quarter of the big game, commercial bingo to keep you occupied during the timeouts and plenty of opportunities to score gift cards and prizes throughout the night. So touch down here early before the touchdowns begin in Scottsdale. 


4919 W. North Ave., (414) 871-5050
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Don't be a turkey and miss out on an actual turkey at this year's Super Bowl gathering at local institution McBob's. But really: In addition to serving its usual scrumptious Sunday menu – including its prime rib dinner plate – and cooking up barbecue ribs for a special, McBob's is raffling off a 20-pound turkey. Perfect for a post-Super Bowl snack – or maybe a romantic jumbo-sized Valentine's Day supper. You earn a turkey raffle ticket for every drink ordered – so considering we're still trying to drink away how the Green Bay Packers' season ended, we'll probably earn a lot of raffle tickets on Sunday.

The MECCA Sports Bar & Grill

1134 Vel R. Phillips Ave., (414) 908-0401
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This Deer District hub may be named after a famous basketball arena and sit right next door to a basketball arena – but they go ham for the pigskin as well at The MECCA, especially for Sunday's big game. The giant sports bar will feature a DJ keeping the energy up even if it's a blowout, mix-and-match combinations of Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, Busch Light and NUTRL for 5 for $25; giveaways; and an all-you-can-eat buffet. Plus, you get to watch the big game on one of the biggest TVs in the area, a 42-foot jumbotron-esque screen that could make Jerry Jones jealous. To snag a ticket for this super Super Bowl shindig, visit The Mecca's website

Milwaukee Brat House

1013 N Doctor M.L.K. Jr Dr, (414) 273-8709
4022 N. Oakland Ave., (414) 539-5826
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Two final teams in a Sunday showdown, two Milwaukee Brat House locations and two Super Bowl contests that could have you also claiming a trophy at the final whistle – a perfect trio of pairings!

At the Shorewood locale, attendees have a chance to win a new recliner with its hot seat raffle game. Buying a drink earns one ticket, while buying a drink special earns two tickets. Then, whenever there's a score, a ticket is drawn and the lucky number gets to sit in the "hot seat" and drink for free ... until the next score and the next drawing. The final person in the chair at the end of the game gets to take home the hot seat – so here's to a high-scoring, entertainingly seat-swapping affair! Meanwhile, at the Downtown Brat House, things are a little simpler: Buy drink specials, earn raffle tickets and potentially win a new electric scooter at the end of the game.

Two ways to have a particularly superb Super Bowl – and even if you don't win, there are brats, so there's always that.

New Barons Brewing Coop

2018 S. 1st St. #170, (414) 581-3215
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I mean, where better to watch the Super Bowl than a brewery surrounded by tasty craft brews? Indeed, New Barons Brewing Coop near Bay View will offer plenty of suds to knock back during the Super Bowl – but you should hop over here for more than just hops during this unofficial holiday. On Sunday, New Barons will host a special pigskin potlock, with attendees encouraged to bring their favorite gameday dips and snacks for all to enjoy – and if none of those tickle your taste buds, Tots on the Street will have more to nosh on during the game. To wash that all down, New Barons will serve up short pours for touchdowns as well. And why let all the players have all the competitive fun, so this watch party will feature Super Bowl bingo complete with prizes for the winners. 

No Studios

1037 W. McKinley Ave., (414) 226-6516
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Say yes to hanging out at No Studios for the Super Bowl on Sunday, where they'll host a ticketed watch party worthy of the big game. A ticket will earn you a free drink, snacks and gameday eats the No Bayou throughout the Super Bowl, and – most importantly – a comfy seat to watch the ultimate sporting event of the year. It may be mostly known as a creative arts space, but No Studios will go sports on Sunday – so snag a ticket at the hub's website


800 S. 2nd St., (414) 672-7139
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Looking at that Philadelphia Eagles helmet throughout the NFL playoffs has probably got you craving wings – so conveniently enough, for their Super Bowl celebration, this local sports bar staple will host a wing night to go along with the big game. During the Chiefs-Eagles spat, shown on all of Steny's many TVs, six wings will cost just $6 – and to help wash all that tasty bird down, NUTRL buckets will cost $30, Bud buckets will cost $18 and Bud Light pitchers will be $2 off. So fly on over to Steny's and celebrate our feathered friends, both Philly and fried.


1239 E. Brady St., (414) 763-2180
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Want the best place to watch the big game this weekend? Look to the Wurst! After all, the German-themed Brady Street bar and eatery will be making one lucky fan a winner – and while they may not get the Lombardi Trophy, a confetti shower or a trip to Disney World, they DO get $250! Fans earn a raffle ticket for every drink they purchase and two raffle tickets for every drink special they purchase – including $7 Crown, Captain and Smirnoff mixers; $5 Crown, Captain and Smirnoff shots; $4 Miller Lite tallboys; $5 Vizzy seltzers; and $5 Crown and Smirnoff bombs. Then, after the game is over, WurstBar will pick a winner to take home the cash. You get to be a winner like Patrick Mahomes or Jalen Hurts – and the only shots you might have to take in the process are the tasty liquid kind!

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