By Press Release Submitted to Published Jul 14, 2016 at 10:47 AM

On June 22, Justin Johnson, CEO/founder of scratch-food and sustainability-focused consulting firm Sustainable|Kitchens – headquartered in Milwaukee – partnered with Wausau native Dan O’Hearn.

The purpose of the partnership is to expand the reach of Sustainable|Kitchens’ services to the national stage with a particular focus on elevating menus, recipes and training for healthcare and school nutrition. Rather than simply providing investment dollars, O’Hearn will also play an active role in the growth of the business. Johnson will remain in the role of CEO while O’Hearn’s title will be "Director of Strategic Initiatives."

"I am excited and honored to have someone with the experience and passion of Mr. O’Hearn supporting our mission and helping to take us to the next level." said Johnson.

Sustainable|Kitchens’ company objective will continue to be transitioning all segments of foodservice to scratch-cooking systems and ending any reliance on canned, frozen or manufactured convenience foods. Dan O’Hearn, president and CEO of Celtic Financial with offices in Fond du Lac and Nashville, has over 20 years of experience providing area employers holistic, results driven strategies while propelling Celtic Financial as a market leader.

O’Hearn sees Sustainable|Kitchens as a "true pioneer" and its founder, Justin Johnson, as a "Renaissance man with his finger on the pulse of a rapidly changing industry." Sustainable|Kitchens’ current client roster includes hospitals, senior homes, restaurant groups and school districts all in Wisconsin. Through the partnership with O’Hearn, Sustainable|Kitchens will set its sights on servicing prospective clients from across the country.