By Brian Kramp Special to Published Jul 10, 2013 at 3:30 PM

It’s not common that local bands get the opportunity to play a historic venue like The Pabst Theater. Milwaukee band The Belle Weather believes it is ready for big things and big venues, but understand it is taking a huge risk.

Eric Cox, lead singer of The Belle Weather said "If it goes well and people show up and the music holds up then we’re going to come out of it hopefully breaking even or making three dollars otherwise I’m paying in." He also admits that it is a really bold move.

The Belle Weather’s big show is Saturday, July 13th, and is also the release of their debut CD "Hold On." The band doesn’t have what would be considered a huge following, but they do have a big concert sound. It’s a description that Cox explains to me in today’s podcast while referring to bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Pearl Jam. "When you go to see those bands it’s clear that they came up with a set list that was going to take you on this ride."

If you haven’t heard The Belle Weather’s music yet, give the debut CD a listen at Reverb Nation. It ranges from powerful grunge rock to intricate acoustic folk. On The Belle Weather’s web page they make a promise, a "promise to give you everything we've got." Whether it's their musical diversity, soaring vocals or great story telling, plan on the band delivering a big concert sound.

Doors open at 7pm this Saturday at The Pabst Theater with opening bands I'm Not A Pilot and Rectifier who will be releasing their new EP.

In today’s Kramp Cast I talk to The Belle Weather front man Eric Cox about taking chances, living in Sheboygan, his love for Pearl Jam and he plays rocking acoustic version of their first single "The Accomplice." Enjoy!

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