By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Jan 10, 2018 at 7:46 PM

For the past three years, during our annual Bar Month poll, you've named Bay View as Milwaukee's best bar district. It would seem Thrillist agrees – and went one step beyond, recently naming the Cream City stretch as one of the best drinking neighborhoods in the entire country. 

In the Jan. 9 article, Thrillist went and gathered up 20 of the nation's best drinking neighborhoods based on quality, quantity, variety and "that feeling that you're having an imbibing experience that you couldn't quite be having anyplace else." The results include famous nightlife hotspots like Beale Street in Memphis, Logan Square in Chicago, Crossroads in Kansas City and our own Bay View. 

"It kind of goes without saying that Milwaukee's best drinking neighborhood knows its booze," the Bay View blurb begins, before blasting through its bounty of recommended bars – from Burnhearts for the shuffleboard (and beer) to Vanguard for the sausages (and beer) and Sugar Maple for its incredible selection of beer (something, once again, our Bar Month voters last year already knew). And for those wanting less hoppy happenings, the Thrillist article also gives a shoutout to the cocktails creations at Boone & Crockett and Dock18 (even though Dock18 is currently closed and Twisted Path Distillery has a newly expanded tasting room – which is also worth your time and taste buds as well). 

Click here to read the rest of Thrillist's Bay View recommendations – along with the 19 other delightful drinking destinations you should hit on your next road trip (as long as somebody else is driving, of course) – and then wash it all down by making your way over to a Bay View bar and experiencing one of the country's best drinking neighborhoods for yourself. Because all this reading about bars, beer and taverns has made us all rather thirsty. 

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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