By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Nov 03, 2014 at 1:46 PM

Almost immediately after publishing a list of the nine best reasons to visit Wisconsin last week, Thrillist and author Jay Phillips – according to his bio, a Southeastern Wisconsinite for three decades – headed back to the listicle well, this time prattling off a "local's guide to the best eating and drinking in Milwaukee.

As for the dining portion of the local's guide (which, at only six entries, is a touch on the skimpy side), Phillips gathers a list of picks both predictable and just odd. As far as comfort food goes, Comet Cafe – including a shout out to its Bay View sister Honeypie – is an easy pick, and while there are plenty of small plate places that merit a reference, his pick of Odd Duck won't ruffle anyone's feathers. Some might argue about the author picking Oscar's over its burger brethren AJ Bombers, Sobelman's and Solly's, but they're all solid choices. 

He wraps up his food picks with Morel (sure), Bavette La Boucherie (sure) and Triskele's ( ... ). As far as local hot spots go, I'm not quite sure Triskele's applies (Phillips admits it's an underrated spot). To be fair, I haven't tried the food – and the mac and cheese with sausage pictured with Phillips' blurb does look food coma-worthy – but there would seem to be other places more deserving (Ristorante perhaps? Or Buckley's? Le Reve for the desserts?). Plus, considering he already used one of his scant six picks on a comfort food place, it'd be nice to show off the variety of restaurants.

As for the bars and breweries section of the listicle, as you'd expect from a "professional beer peddler," they're pretty much on point. For the bars, Foundation, Bryant's, Wolski's, Nomad and County Clare all make appearances, along with Uber Tap Room, Burnhearts, Palm Tavern, Franky's Newport Lounge, Paddy's Irish Pub and the Landmark 1850 Inn out near Mitchell Airport. 

On the brewery side of things, it's the expected assortment of Sprecher, Miller, Lakefront and Milwaukee Brewing Co., with Great Lakes Distillery also making an appearance. The deep cut surprise here is little Sweet Mullets Brewing Co. from out in Oconomowoc. 

It's Jay's list, but what do you think? What would you keep on this local's guide, and what blind spots would you toss on?

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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