By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Oct 24, 2017 at 4:56 PM

The weather outside may be getting frightful, but at least the people running from the drizzling rain outside and huddling for warmth inside are friendly. At least, that's the verdict from Travel + Leisure, which recently ranked Milwaukee at number 10 on its recent list of America's Friendliest Cities

The article, which polled its readers as a part of the magazine's annual America's Favorite Places survey, noted, "'The people of Milwaukee are amazing. We live Midwestern hospitality to the core — it's like a small town vibe in an urban setting.' Visitors said that whomever you sit next to at the bar or in a park could wind up feeling like an old friend." Probably more likely a bar than a park this time of year, but no matter the case, apparently we're good company.

That famous Midwestern hospitality represented well on Travel + Leisure's list, with Minneapolis/St. Paul, Kansas City, Cleveland, Grand Rapids and Pittsburgh all appearing, as well as sunny Southern hotspots (Nashville, Louisville, New Orleans, Greenville) and Honolulu, because what would Honolulu have to be grumpy about. But it was another winter wonderland at the top of this list: Buffalo, aka the City of Good Neighbors. Also the City of Unruly Football Tailgates, but that wasn't one of Travel + Leisure's categories. 

Most Underrated City, however, was another one of the magazine's lists – one that Milwaukee also landed on, ranking at number 6 in the nation with article noting, "Milwaukee has had a tough time taking the spotlight from Chicago. But according to locals, the city has a lot of the same attractions – festivals, breweries, museums, and multi-cultural restaurants — with less of the hassle and a fraction of the expense."

Our friendly Midwestern rivals Grand Rapids, Cleveland, Indianapolis and Buffalo all placed above Brew City, with Norfolk, Virginia taking the top spot. Apparently, people really like Norfolk too, because it also took home the title of America's Favorite Hometown for 2017.

Other Travel + Leisure categories include the best cities for adventuring, best cities for a ski trip and best cities for food, which somehow Milwaukee didn't land on. We'd complain more, but we wouldn't want to lose that friendliest city ranking. 

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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