By Abigail Fisher, Special to   Published Jun 17, 2013 at 5:52 PM

In support of last week's Downtown Dining Week, I decided to visit the Turkish restaurant Tulip, 360 E. Erie St., in hopes of discovering my new favorite Mediterranean eatery. I am in a serious and long-term love affair with hummus, so I couldn't resist a chance to eat a meal complementary to my favorite ethnic flavor.

Tulip is located in the old Gas Light building in the Third Ward. As I walked in, I was taken with the original light fixtures over the bar casting a soft light over the restaurant. The atmosphere was muted and warm.

Although I was enamored with the decor, my expectations quickly fell after the food began to arrive. I ordered the Downtown Dining $20 dinner menu, which included an appetizer, an entree and a dessert. I, of course, ordered hummus for the appetizer.

Although I was content with the warm pita bread, I was disappointed that the hummus wasn't particularly flavorful. I had expected some garnish or additional spice, but it was very much plain hummus.

More alarming than the basic yet satisfactory hummus was my chicken kebab entree. The mild chicken and the underwhelming rice served to create a dry, unexciting dish. It was close, but it was as if the chef stopped short of completing the plating. The kebab needed a sauce to bring up the quality.

I ordered the baklava for desert, and it thankfully ended my meal on a high note. The baklava was flaky, sweet and delicious.

Although I wouldn't qualify Tulip as a complete failure, it was definitely overpriced for the quality of food provided. My hunt for the perfect Mediterranean meal continues.