By Molly Snyder Senior Writer Published Nov 27, 2013 at 5:18 PM

Despite the fact it’s the season of gratitude and thankfulness, I seem to be complaining a lot. So much so that I actually made a list of my "first world problems" that have been the subject of my griping this week.

Here are my Griefs of The Week and more so, here’s to me finding some gratitude at the turkey table tomorrow. Sheesh.

My refrigerator. I hate the layout of it and I can never find anything. Either that, or the jar of pickles is effing with me. Also, the crisper door is cracked and so it’s "hard" to open and close. I’m not sure what I was expecting, considering someone gave it to us for free because it was his former raw dog food fridge and he got a new one.

My cell phone bill. I am addicted to my iPhone and yet the cost of it makes me want to replace it with a banana. Or maybe one of those phones that you plug into the wall that's shaped like a hamburger. Then I think about not having a smart phone and my heart starts getting a little skippy and my eye says, "don’t make me bring that tick back because you know I will."

The cost of Tofurkey. When I went to buy a Tofurkey this week, I almost fell over. $15-$32 for a ball of tofu? Is there a Target gift card stuffed in the middle? And who invited the vegetarians to Thanksgiving? (Ahem.) They had better bring booze.

Snow and cold. I usually love winter (weird, I know) but not when we just tore the porch off the front of our house and then the weather immediately went from creepy tornado warning to unseasonably cold and snowy. I hope to have it rebuilt by Cinco de Mayo.

The kids' homework. A Facebook friend said it best: he might have gotten a vasectomy 15 years ago if he knew how much time he would have to spend helping his kid with his math homework. My little-ish people are in middle school now and I really miss the days of having our evenings free just to hang out as opposed to hunkering down with partial fractions. I may or may not be complaining because their math is getting to the point that I am of no help. By the way, can you YouTube that crap?

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