By Lily Wellen, Special to OnMilwaukee   Published Aug 20, 2016 at 12:02 PM

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On a summer day full of sunshine, what better way to spend it then heading out to one of Milwaukee’s gems, Bradford Beach. Even though it seems like just a simple beach, there are still plenty of things to do there. In fact, we thought of at least these 12. Check it out!

1. Rent a beach chair

You can use a flimsy beach towel, but how much better is it to sit back and relax in these adjustable beach chairs. It will take relaxing on the beach to a whole new level.

2. Drink a pina colada at the bar

When spending time at the beach, why not cool off with a delicious, tropical pina colada? If you aren’t into pina coladas, no need to fret, as the bar has plenty of other drinks for you to help quench your thirst.

3. Eat a banana sundae at Northpoint Custard

You won’t be disappointed if you stop by and get a frozen treat from this little stop next to the beach. It has to-die-for banana splits, along with other custom sundaes and custard options.

4. Grab some friends and play some volleyball

Nets line-up the back of the beach, so grab your squad and show what you got. There may even be a tournament going on that you can watch or sign up for.

5. Enjoy time with friends

After the hustle and bustle of your crazy week, get your family or friends together and get in that quality time together by heading for the day at the beach. There’s no better to sit back, relax and catch up then laying under the sun.

6. Get to know your lifeguards

They seem like they are pretty bored, lonely and stuck sitting in their stand all day long. Don’t get me wrong; they have a very important job, but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind a little company. So next time you are at the beach, stop by and say hi.

7. Get your tan on

Get some color and show off how much sun you’ve gotten this summer by laying out and sunbathing on the beach. Be careful, however, that your attempt to become a bronze beauty doesn’t turn you into a lobster.

8. Enjoy the grub at Bradford Beach View

Ditch carrying around bulky coolers and picnic baskets, and instead grab some grub at the Bradford Beach View. From tacos to burgers, it has a variety of foods that will satisfy any craving you could possibly have.

9. Count the seagulls

People aren’t the only specimen you will catch on the beach. Seagulls kind of flock there. While you are laying out, you might as well count how many you can find.

10. Play in the sand

Grab your shovel and bucket, and get ready to dig in the beach’s fresh sand. Whether you are just doing a hole or building a masterpiece sandcastle, you will have a great time.

11. Wade into the water

Cool off and take a break from the heat by taking a dip into Lake Michigan. The cold, refreshing water will help you take a rest from the blazing sun.

12. Sit and enjoy the view

At Bradford Beach, we are blessed to have the beautiful Lake Michigan. There’s really nothing more relaxing than sitting, looking at the view and taking in all the fresh air and gorgeous views. And really, isn't relaxing and enjoying the outdoors what summer is all about?