By Andy Tarnoff Publisher Published Jun 30, 2007 at 3:21 PM Photography: Allen Fredrickson

Nowadays, when I have a choice, I’ll take the Brewers radio broadcast over TV any day of the week.  The sweet sounds of Bob and Jim will hold your hand through seven months of baseball, from Spring Training to the end of September (and hopefully, this year, into October).

But 10 years ago, I found myself split between radio and TV.  That’s because Matt Vasgersian did the television play-by-play, and quite simply, he was the best TV announcer the Brewers have ever had.  I was mighty bummed when he headed to San Diego, where he remains, though his star continues to rise with increasing national work in every sport ever created.

That’s why the Brewers game today, which is being shown on national FOX TV, is such a thrill to watch.  I could be wrong, but I think this is the first Brewers game that Vasgersian has called since he departed several years ago (not counting San Diego/Milwaukee matchups that I can’t watch locally).

What makes this even sweeter is that Vasgersian is a bona fide “FOOMC,” (Friend of  I met him in 1996, and he did the voice overs to our early TV and radio spots.  He’s always been a supporter of our product, and I’ve always appreciated his help.  He’s much tighter with Senior Editor Drew Olson, and on Thursday during our editorial meeting, Matt called us, asking for some Kenosha trivia to sprinkle in during his broadcast today.

And sure enough, as I watch the top of the first, Vasgersian has just mentioned both the Mars Cheese Castle and the Brat Stop.  I laughed out loud.

The odds of Vasgersian ever returning to Milwaukee to do TV are probably between slim and none.  But for the next three hours, I expect to reminded of the Brewers ship that has finally sailed – when the team stunk it up, but the TV broadcast was fun enough to keep my attention each and every time.

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