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When this album appeared in fall of 1995, I finally felt that I had put some distance between myself and the Violent Femmes experience. I was performing as an actor once again, and I had control over what I wanted to do with my future. Freedom was a new suit to wear.

This collection of songs looks at a time in my life when I was having the time of my life. Ideas were easy to come by, and I was very lucky to have many people around me who would help me dream in sight, sound and thought.

My hometown of Racine supplied me with the many memories that live just below the surface in the lyric world of this album. Ghosts and visions of spirit fugitives.

Pancake Day was a big event for me when I was a small boy with big eyes and no world view. This once a year pancake breakfast took place at Memorial Hall, and as a child, I remember thinking that it was really something that so many people could be in one room together eating. I liked seeing people I knew, and I loved seeing strangers. It was all new for me. Early thoughts in a young mind without the repeats that color one's memory. The beautiful in late '50s America before the rustle of the '60s. 

For more information about this record, please listen to this record. Thank you.

Above is the front cover of the bFrecordings version of "Pancake Day." The Almo Sounds version of the album had a purple background behind the cover image. The Almo version also featured label boss Herb Alpert playing trumpet on the album track, "Rainwater."

"Pancake Day"

Oh it's Pancake Day
Batter specked with bits of grey
The Venetians are in the Rialto
Camping out for the Day
The Barber kisses his wife
A close shave saves his life
Cousin Georgie plays nude piano
While living his secret life
But I just sit and stare
Looking nowhere in the air
My mind is heaven knows where
Maybe in the Quarry
Way deep down there
Oh the innocence lost
Growing old is such a cost 
To pay for a tape recorder
hearing life the way it was
The barber loved his Son
Forgiving him for all he's done
Yesterday and today
Came so quickly and went away
But I just sit and stare
Looking nowhere in the air
And your heaven knows where
I hope your happy 
Way up there

Pancakes are fun to eat, just don't try to take a good photo of one. Art director genius Jane Kramer, photographer Scott Lanza and food stylist Jim Rude helped me capture a CD pancake that looked real enough to be fake. The photo session took about three hours, and I still have pancake nightmares.

These are the "charms" that were incased in the spine of the CD jewel box so that when you shook it, the case itself would have a musical property – hand of fate with finger pointing, pitch fork or divining rod and gold brick (as in "you are").

This is a picture of the original/adapted art work I created for the front cover of the album. I took a cartoon of '50s clip-art and gave it some color and just the right amount of green glitter sparkles for the drummers drum set.

The squeaky clean cover image hid a dark story inside ...

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