By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Aug 15, 2018 at 12:23 PM

Yesterday we got pumped for the upcoming Packers season by watching some of the team's finest moments, so let's balance ourselves out today by reading about why our blessed Green Bay Packers, the No. 1 reason why we gather on Sundays (sorry, God), suck. 

Yep, Deadspin's annual Why Your Team Sucks series made it to the Green Bay Packers today – sooner than usual this year because the Packers sucked more than usual last season. And yes, that means author Drew Magary has more ammo than most recent years to fire at the Pack – including Coach Mike McCarthy's insistence than Bretty Hundley was a totally capable quarterback for a professional football team, the team's incredible discovery of free agency, some spicy Aaron Rodgers hot takes and some scorched earth analysis of the state of Wisconsin.

No, we do not come off great.

But we do have Super Bowl trophies – so that counts for something, right, admitted Vikings fan Drew Magary?

Read the piece, have a laugh, read the rest of Deadspin's daily Why Your Team Sucks series, have a laugh, watch these embarrassing Minnesota Vikings clips and have an even bigger laugh. Then watch as the Vikings disappoint this upcoming season because Kirk Cousins is a turnover machine and never stop laughing. 

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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