By Dave Begel Contributing Writer Published Nov 04, 2014 at 6:06 PM

Generally speaking, Fred Friendly’s labeling of television as a "vast wasteland" is a moniker I heartedly endorse, especially when it comes to local television news.

Under most circumstances, I don’t think there is anything important you can learn from local television news, and I think that the heavy reliance of blood and gore only serves to numb us to the dangers of the street.

But on occasion, a local television station does something that has such an impact and is so vivid that I have to tip my hat.

This tip goes to Toya Washington and WISN-TV for a piece that aired Monday night amid all the hoo-rah about the next day’s election. You can see her piece here.

In one story, Washington eloquently shines a spotlight on two issues of significant importance: children who need a family and relations between blacks and whites. Cynics may scoff that this is a "puff piece," but they miss the point.

Once you get behind the fluffy clouds, you see a story that really says something that we can all learn from. Washington deserves a lot of credit and praise for this one.

Dave Begel Contributing Writer

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