By Nick Barth Gear writer Published Dec 21, 2014 at 8:15 AM

One last segment before Christmas with gadget gift ideas that have come through our office recently. We've written about some of these before, but they're worth mentioning again.


Water damage is about the worst thing that can happen to your phone. Impervious waterproofing kits protect most phones from minor spills, and in the case of an iPhone, can be used to protect against full submersion! It's an easy process and the kit comes with everything you need. If you're still skeptical (as I was), check out the demonstration videos on their website.

Beta Inkless Pen

I wrote about this one earlier in the month. The metal tip on this pen can write at any time, even when wet. It's stylish, but perfect for stashing away in your glove compartment or emergency kit.

ZeroHour XD Tactical Flashlight

This one came from Andy. It's a flashlight, sure, but an incredibly bright one. It also provides up to 10,000mAH of battery backup and has a self-defense strobing mode that can only be described as "obnoxiously effective."'s senior developer Nick Barth has been a part of the team since 2008. After an 18-month stint in Portland, he returned to his hometown with a new love of food trucks, bike life, and simple and effective gadgetry. The self-proclaimed gear geek and denim addict now presents OnMilwaukee's #wewant series weekend mornings on WISN-12.