Kristin Lehman plays Det. Angie Flynn on ABC's "Motive."
Kristin Lehman plays Det. Angie Flynn on ABC's "Motive."
Lehman was also a big part of AMC's "The Killing."
Lehman was also a big part of AMC's "The Killing."

Lehman plays a female cop that is fun to watch

I love when you see a actor on TV or in a film and you don't immediately recognize them because the role they are playing is so different from their previous role. Kristin Lehman of ABC's "Motive" currently portrays a take charge investigator with a complicated personal life.

Although her previous role as an ambitious daughter of a senator on AMC's "The Killing" was nothing like this. Her look and the delivery of her lines makes her role as a detective so much more enjoyable to watch and root for.

"Motive" is a thrilling cop drama that gives you the victim and the killer at the onset of the show. Most cop procedurals aren't set up this way, nor do they usually have a lead female investigator trying to solve crime. Maybe that's why I gravitate towards this character or maybe it's because I like the take charge attitude she exudes while playing a detective.

I generally don't watch cop dramas, but the two shows that she has been part of are DVR'd regularly in my household. I feel "The Killing" is a much better show, but I find myself watching "Motive" with ease. Maybe it's just an easy summer TV show that doesn't take much thinking to watch it or maybe it's slowly becoming a guilty pleasure of mine. You can judge for yourself Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Click here to listen to today's Kramp Cast as I talk with Lehman of about having the same birthday, hanging out with her friends from AMC's "The Killing" and I'll try to get some answers about where both shows are heading this year. Enjoy!


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