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Vans Warped Tour will be making its stop in Milwaukee on July 24.

6 bands to see at the this year's Vans Warped Tour

Vans Warped Tour makes its annual summer stop in Milwaukee at the Henry Maier Festival Grounds on Monday, July 24. The event is a highlight of the metal/hard rock scene, bringing 64 of the genre's most popular bands – as well as some from a smattering of other genres to mix things up – to each one-day stop on the tour.

This year's lineup is as stellar as they come. However, with 64 bands squeezed into one day, it can be overwhelming to choose which acts to see. So, to assist in your decision, here are six acts that are highly recommended and will surely deliver a good show.

1. Hands Like Houses

This will be the third Warped Tour for the Australian rock band, which debuted its first album, "Ground Dweller," back in 2012.

After the release of "Ground Dweller," the band quickly became known for its unique and true modern-day rock sound. Its success came so sudden that it was able to release its second album one year later, titled "Unimagine."

The second album was an even bigger success than the band's first, including one of its top-five most popular songs, "Introduced Species." Despite tweaking its sound and getting rid of the double bass drum pedal that was so popular on "Ground Dweller," Hands Like Houses made its name known. Its success led to its first Warped Tour in 2013 and then its second in 2015.

Hands Like Houses' latest album, 2016's "Dissonants," is definitely its most popular album and the home to its most popular song, "Colourblind." Expect to see a jam-packed setlist from these rockers full of all their hits – including their latest single, "Drift," which was just released last month.

2. Andy Black

Although this is Andy Black's first Warped Tour as a solo artist, it's certainly not his first go-around with the festival. His original band, Black Veil Brides, was on the tour a few times, the latest being in 2015.

Formed in 2009 and releasing three Top-20 albums since 2011, Black Veil Brides is a staple in the modern metal world – and it's because of Black Veil Brides' wild success that Black's decision to take a break from the band and launch his solo career has been so successful.

The vocalist will be playing all the songs from his debut album, "The Shadow Side," released back in May of 2016 and including his hit single, "We Don't Have To Dance." The album is definitely a turn from the metal sound of Black Veil Brides; "The Shadow Side" could fall into the genre of pop-rock with its upbeat, dance-like sound.

Regardless of the genre change, however, Black has a stage presence that is unmatched. And although he no longer wears the full makeup and outfit that original Black Veil Brides fans know and love, Black is a guarantee for a good time and a great dance party.

3. Silverstein

Although not the most popular rock band on the scene, Silverstein has been around the block more than once. Releasing its first album back in 2003, the Canadian rock band has put out seven more albums since, with the latest being "Dead Reflection," just released on July 14.

After the release of a couple singles off "Dead Reflection," it sounded like a different Silverstein was taking form. Songs such as "Retrograde" and "Ghost" had a heavier vibe to them. However, after the whole "Dead Reflection" album was released, it was clear the genuine, punk-rock/metal Silverstein sound still rang true.

Silverstein has been on Warped Tour numerous times, with its first appearance in 2006 and its latest go-around in 2015. If any band on this year's tour has experience in putting on a great show, it's Silverstein.

4. Dance Gavin Dance

Dance Gavin Dance could very well be the most unique band on Warped Tour. For those who have never heard the California post-hardcore group, imagine putting together jazz, pop and metal. As strange as it may sound, that description does the band justice – and those who are familiar with the Dance Gavin Dance sound know it.

Releasing its first album in 2006, Dance Gavin Dance is another one of those bands that has managed to keep its act together and maintain a fan base. Perhaps it's because of its unique sound, one that can't be mistaken and hasn't changed throughout the years.

Expect to hear a lot from Dance Gavin Dance's latest album, "Mothership," which was released last year and has been wildly successful. Songs like "Betrayed by the Game" and "Young Robot" are just a couple of the many hits from the 2016 record. Along with the 2017 single, "Summertime Gladness," you'll probably hear some classics, such as its wildly famous song "We Own the Night" from the 2015 album, "Instant Gratification."

5. Fit For A King

The Christian metal band has been around since 2007 and released its debut album, "Creation/Destruction," in 2013. Fit For A King quickly became a household name in the metal world with the song "Hollow King" from its first album.

After releasing its second album, "Descendants - Redux," Fit For A King's name grew in familiarity, and its third album, 2014's "Slave to Nothing," launched them to stardom. The success and popularity of both the album and title track earned the group a spot on the 2015 Warped Tour.

The Texas band will now perform on its second Warped Tour and rock out its popular songs from the past and all the hits from its most recent album, 2016's "Deathgrip," including songs such as "Dead Memory" and "Shadows & Echoes."

6. Beartooth

Beartooth has been in existence since 2012 and signed with Red Bull Records in 2013. The band released its debut album, "Disgusting," in 2014 and has experienced incredibly rapid success.

It didn't take long for the Ohio hardcore rock band to come to fruition, as lead singer Caleb Shomo came into the band with some experience. Shomo was the former lead vocalist of the hard rock band Attack Attack!, a group that could be considered the jump-off point for two of the most popular vocalist in the modern metal scene, Shomo and former Of Mice and Men frontman Austin Carlile.

Beartooth is guaranteed to have a stacked setlist, as nearly every song from "Disgusting" was a hit, and its latest album, "Aggressive," has been just as successful. Its most popular song is, without a doubt, "In Between." In fact, many people may have heard of it without even knowing it.

The Vans Warped Tour is on Monday, July 24, with doors opening at 12:30 p.m. Tickets and information are available here.



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