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Yes, you can make the tail on this snake rattle, too!

In Travel & Visitors Guide Blogs

The museum's second snake button is in this area.

Second snake button found!

You can imagine our dismay yesterday at finding the snake button at the Milwaukee Public Museum inactive. But imagine our surprise a few minutes later when we found and pressed the museum's SECOND snake button. Who knew?!

Like you and your kids, I bet, mine know exactly where the snake button is by now and whenever we reach the second floor of the museum, we make a bee-line for it.

Yesterday, the museum was packed as public schools were closed for a banking day. So, it seemed an especially bad time for the snake button to be on the blink. But, press as we did, the button did not work. An employee stopped to tell us that it's broken – we got that – and that we could press the other snake button.

"Ah, OK, thanks," I said. Wait, what?! The OTHER snake button?

"Oh yes," she said, "there's another snake button." She gave us detailed directions, but while I hate to disappoint you, I'm not passing them on to you. Instead, I will post a couple photos with this blog that offer some clues.

After all, where's the fun if I just tell you where it is?

I will say the button (and its accompanying snake) is on the first floor and in the vicinity pictured in the second photo above. I will also suggest you seek out the first-floor rattlesnake first. That will help you locate the button.

Or, of course, you could ask an employee. I could hardly judge you for that, could I?


Photodavie | Feb. 28, 2013 at 12:35 p.m. (report)


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