By Ali Boknevitz   Published Feb 08, 2017 at 8:01 PM

Since we’re only two months into 2017, we still have plenty of time to commit to some New Year’s resolutions.

In addition to the old "get to the gym more often" and "maybe actually try to get seven hours of sleep each night" ones, why not try out some fashion and beauty resolutions? Whether you’re looking to add exciting new pieces to your wardrobe or follow a healthy skincare routine, the most difficult part of any resolution is sticking with it.

Here are five fashion and beauty resolutions you’ll actually enjoy committing to:

1. Create your own rules

Use makeup to express your creativity. Local makeup artist Krystal Hardy explains, "My single, largest piece of advice is to let go of makeup ‘rules.’ The beauty of makeup is in its ability to be a form of self expression. Each day I wake up in a different ‘makeup mood.’ I embrace it, whether it's classic beauty or trend-based social media glamour."


Images: Courtesy of Krystal Hardy,

2. Embrace what you love about yourself

Sydney Deutsch, owner of Hyde Park Milwaukee, encourages everyone to find something that they love about themselves. She advises, "Forget being bashful and show it off. Off-the-shoulder tops are IN this upcoming spring and resort season."

Sydney shows us how to wear this style with a beautifully embroidered top from Hyde Park.

Image: Courtesy of Sydney Deutsch/Hyde Park Milwaukee

3. Make prevention the star of your skincare routine

"Prevention is key," explains Reese Heather Weymier, a Licensed Esthetician, Certified Laser Technician and Spa Director at Anton’s Salon and M Spa. "Use products like mineral sunscreens, antioxidants and growth factors to prevent aging pigmentation and acne."

Reese recommends the Skinbetter Science line, an industry game-changer available at Anton’s.


Left image: Reese Heather Weymier,
Right image: Skinbetter Science Overnight Cream,

4. Embrace confidence

This year, Lizzi Weasler, owner of the award-winning Lizzibeth boutique, encourages us to "embrace a newfound sense of confidence." She says, "Step outside of your box and try new trends that you wouldn’t normally wear."

Lizzi shows us how to embrace our inner trendsetter with this choker sweater from Lizzibeth.


Image: Courtesy of Lizzi Weasler/Lizzibeth

5. Combine thriftiness with high fashion

Maggie Solveson and Sheila Teruty of Plume Boutique say, "Wearing vintage is a great way to achieve a high fashion look without the price tag. While some vintage styles are timeless, others are repeated for today's top trends." Maggie and Sheila are always hunting for stunning vintage clothing, seeking the thrill of finding the original inspiration. They suggest mixing in "a little modern" in order to "achieve a look that is unique and beautifully yours at a price that works with your budget."