By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Jun 27, 2016 at 6:06 PM

And now, a very important update concerning Aaron Rodgers' dog, Frankie (not to confused with his other dog, Chance, who is very good at Instagram as far as canine social media users go).

Last we checked on Frankie, the newest member of the Rodgers-Munn family as of this past May, the adorable little pup was learning a painful lesson about his flying capabilities – or lack thereof. 

Last week Frankie thought he could fly. Bad news: He can't. Good news: Chicks dig scars. 🤕🐶😎

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Thanks to Olivia Munn's Instagram, however, we received a very important update about Frankie's health and general well-being over the weekend.


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Indeed, Frankie has upgraded from a cone around the neck to a casual summer scarf – a Packers scarf, in case there was somehow any concern that a Rodgers family pet would be anything but a Green Bay fan. He is also lounging on a raft in the middle of a swimming pool. 

This has been a very important update concerning Aaron Rodgers' dog, Frankie – who is also on Instagram, if that's something you're looking for in your life.

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