By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Jan 24, 2016 at 5:02 AM

Every week in 2015 (and the first few weeks of 2016), OnMilwaukee and local design company Too Much Metal join forces to introduce the latest member of the Milwaukee All-Stars – a team of unfamiliar winners living in the city who consistently and diligently make it shine. Each week, a new member will join the team – based on your recommendations – and at the end of the year all will come together in a Rally of the Raddest Milwaukeeans. We're not sure what that means quite yet, so for now, meet …

Biju Zimmerman

OnMilwaukee / Too Much Metal: How long have you been doing what you do?

Biju Zimmerman: I’ve been involved with music for 23 years. I've been touring with Eric Benet for about seven years now, but started when I was 19 when I was hired by The Gufs to be their drum tech.

OnMilwaukee / Too Much Metal: What is your favorite Milwaukee season?

Zimmerman: Out of the two seasons in Wisconsin – construction and winter – I’ll take winter because I live in Wisconsin.

OnMilwaukee / Too Much Metal: What neighborhood do you live in?

Zimmerman: On point in Walker’s Point – "on the block."

OnMilwaukee / Too Much Metal: What is your favorite or least favorite smell in Milwaukeee?

Zimmerman: Bradford beach mid-August is truly god awful.

OnMilwaukee / Too Much Metal: What is your hope for Milwaukee?

Zimmerman: I'm hoping I can be a stepping stone in putting Milwaukee on the music map. Milwaukee: the next Seattle. Ha.

OnMilwaukee / Too Much Metal: When / how did you fall in love with Milwaukee?

Zimmerman: When I was touring with my old band Camden and playing all these great cities with great bands, Milwaukee was always the "big little city" that I loved coming back to.

OnMilwaukee / Too Much Metal: What is your one guilty pleasure?

Zimmerman: Ever get chills from a song whatever be your flavor? For that one reason. Turn it up to 11.

OnMilwaukee / Too Much Metal: If you could high five one Milwaukeean, who would it be?

Zimmerman: My brother, BJ Seidel. We've been best friends since fifth grade when I moved to Racine. We learned about music together. We taught ourselves how to play music and then played in amazing bands that toured nationally. He now owns Burnhearts and Goodkind. So stoked for him.