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Though nobody's going to argue too much with the stern baritone of Marcellus Wallace himself, Ving Rhames, Arby's has worked hard over the past several years to live up to its beefy boast that it has the meats. That artery-clogging quest to make vegetarians cry has introduced sandwiches topped with all manner of dead animal, from pork belly to barbecued brisket to what appears to be an entire barnyard stacked inside a "Meat Mountain" sandwich.

Amongst the odder off-the-wall meat options at Arby's recently, however, was venison, which the fast food restaurant introduced last fall in just 17 locations in five particular hunting-happy states – including Wisconsin. The Bambi burger – my name, not theirs; call me, Arby's marketing department – must've hit a bulls-eye, as participating restaurants reported selling out of the sandwich within hours.

So, of course, it's coming back.

On Saturday, Oct. 21, the venison sandwich – featuring a venison steak, marinated with garlic, salt and pepper, and sous-vide for three hours (I can hear you snickering!), then topped with crispy onions and a juniper berry sauce (stop laughing!) all between a toasted bun – will return to all Arby's locations across the country. Those desiring deer from a drive-thru, however, will have to act quick: The sandwich is only available for in limited supply and only available for one day. 

If you miss out on the venison sandwich, however, Arby's apparently has another new carnivorous creation cooked up and ready to serve: an elk sandwich, this time featuring an elk steak topped with crispy onions and a blackberry port steak sauce (no, really, what's so funny?!) on a toasted bun. Unfortunately, if you want a bite of that crazy burger, you'll have to hitch a ride to the Mountain Time Zone, as the sandwich will have only a limited, one-day roll-out in a mere three locations in three select states: Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. Apparently, Wisconsin just doesn't hunt enough elk to qualify for the special sandwich.

Whatever, Arby's; call me when you've got a kangaroo sandwich. And even then, the only thing that could surprise on an Arby's sandwich is a vegetable. 

To find the closest Arby's location, here's a map

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