By Dave Begel Contributing Writer Published May 13, 2014 at 5:24 AM

May is a month full of exciting possibilities for state sports fans

With apologies to Alan J. Lerner and Frederick Lowe, sports fans in Wisconsin can suddenly sing, "It’s May, It’s May, the lusty month of May."

It may not have the "lusty" element of the song Lerner and Lowe wrote for "Camelot," but May 2014 may well go down as one of the happiest months we’ve had in a long time.

A normal May has not always been so full of delight.

In many of them, the Milwaukee Brewers were already a sure bet to play as if a .500 record was "An Impossible Dream" (continuing the Broadway musical theme).

Last May, the Milwaukee Bucks had just come off a so-so season, edging into the playoffs even, but nothing sparkling was "At the End of the Rainbow" (not Broadway but still a great song by Earl Grant).

And finally, in May of 2013, the draft was over and we still had to wait a couple of months before training camp started for the Green Bay Packers and we were "Down in the Boondocks" (not a great song, but it fits).

But this month, things somehow seem a lot different.

The Brewers have just about the best record in baseball. They had a fantastic April and while May hasn’t been nearly as good, they have still inspired a lot of faith and excitement.

They had a 19-8 record in April and beat some very good teams. May has not been quite as kind, with a sub .500 record so far, but people seem to believe in this team and that’s not an everyday occurrence.

The Bucks are coming off the worst season in the league, but to say that optimist reigns would be a horrible understatement.

The team is going to get new, very, very rich owners. They are on the cusp of getting a new place to play. And they are overwhelming favorites to have the first pick in a draft with some very interesting players.

If I were a betting man, I’d also bet there will be a new coach for the Bucks next year and maybe, even a new general manager.

Next year they are bound to be better, and perhaps a lot better. Not much can ignite a city like a winning NBA team. It can provide the heat we all need during a long cold winter.

And the Packers? Well the Packers drafted a player named Ha Ha. They also drafted Jared Abbrederis, who was a walk-on at Wisconsin. And they drafted four guys who can make a living catching a football, something that has got to make Aaron Rodgers ecstatic.

While this isn't "Wisconsin-centric," we do need to take note of something special that happened in the NFL draft: for the first time in history, someone drafted a gay football player, Michael Sam, a defensive lineman from Missouri.

The Rams and the league reacted with dignity and with welcome.

But, to show just how difficult this whole thing is, look no further than this mixed martial arts message board or Twitter. (If, for some reason, you’d like to see this string of psycho comments, you can find them here).

Here’s one quote from someone named Robert P. Hansson.

"lol @ what this country has become. Sickening."

But I even won’t let that kind of crap spoil the month of May for me.

The song for me is the same one that was the theme song for Franklin Roosevelt’s campaign.

"Happy Days Are (almost) Here Again."

Dave Begel Contributing Writer

With a history in Milwaukee stretching back decades, Dave tries to bring a unique perspective to his writing, whether it's sports, politics, theater or any other issue.

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