By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Feb 04, 2011 at 5:29 AM

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For some, it's a 21st birthday party. For others, it's a burning of the fake ID celebratory ritual. Either way, the blessed occasion is one to mark with a cocktail or six, and readers think the Safe House is the best place in town to do this.

The spy-themed bar allows you to -- clandestinely or not -- ring in your right to legally drink with a signature cocktail like the Spy's Demise or a simple bottle of something local. As long as you know the password, of course, and you don't touch the wooden heart over Burt Reynold's junk in the women's bathroom. But if you do, we warned you.

If you are planning a 21st birthday party for a friend, consider calling ahead and arranging for the "Hail to the Chief" (if your freshly-legal friend is a male) or  "Her Majesty's Secret Service" (for a female's 21st-birthday) which is an embarrassing and bizarre experience that includes a kidnapping of the birthday boy or girl and their eventual return via a fighter jet pilot's chair that emerges from the basement through the floor of the bar. It's $25, includes a mammoth cocktail and is, clearly, something one must see to be able to fully comprehend. editors' pick: Buckhead Salon


2. Buckhead Salon
3. Rosie's Waterworks
4. Leff's Lucky Town
5. BBC
6. Landmark Lanes
7. La Fuente
8. Brothers
9. Judges
10. Axel's
11. La Perla
12. RC's
13. Whiskey River Saloon
14. Murphy's
15. Village Pub