By Steve Palec Special to OnMilwaukee Published Jan 26, 2017 at 5:16 PM

I know myself and my quirks pretty well. They are too numerous to mention. One is a propensity to collect stuff and never use it. What I don't know is WHAT the correct term is for that malady.

I met Don Gorske earlier today. He is obsessive compulsive. He knows it. He admits it.

Gorske is in the Guinness book of World Records. He has consumed more than 29,000 Big Macs.

His adventures have also resulted in appearances in the movie "Super Size Me," on talk shows with Jimmy Kimmel and Rachel Ray, and "Good Morning America." He’s been the subject of a joke on "Saturday Night Live" and a question in Trivial Pursuit. And today, he was at the McDonald’s on 66th and North Avenue to hand out limited editions of Big Mac sauce in a bottle, as well as interact with admirers.

I am now one.

You can’t help but like his polite and appreciative demeanor. You may be jealous of his cholesterol level under 160 mg/di, but his dedication and loyalty to the one sandwich he says comprises 90 percent of his diet is off the charts. I had to know if there is anything else in his life that rivals that focus.

"My car. And of course my wife (Mary). But I guess I am what people would say is obsessive compulsive about Big Macs," Gorske said.

The Big Mac, with its two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun, was invented by a franchise owner in Pittsburgh in 1967.

Gorske – a happy and healthy-looking 63-year-old guy – lives in Fond du Lac and arrived at the McDonald's in Wauwatosa at 11:30 this morning via limo. This was in conjunction with a nationwide promotion in which 10,000 bottles of the sauce are being given away around the country today only. If you haven’t heard, McDonald's now has a larger than usual – 1/3 pound – Grand Mac and a travel sized Mac Jr. I also hear they are testing a Sriracha Mac (bring it!).

An app helped devotees find the spots for the bottle giveaways, and those lucky enough to line up in Tosa got the bonus of meeting Don. 

Gorske started eating Big Macs when he drove his first car for the first time in 1972 to McDonald's – and had nine that day. He hit 25,000 on May 17, 2011, and then 29,000 on Dec. 8, 2016.

As he walked by me this morning to meet his admirers, people that not only came for sauce but also the chance for selfies, he mentioned his current count was 29,099.

As the limited edition sauce supplies dwindled and the line ended, the staff brought out … wait for it ... a Big Mac.

Before he tackled it, I asked about logistics. Do you use one hand or two?

"Well, if I’m not doing interviews, I use two hands and 16 bites," Gorske said, obviously well aware of his game plan. He’s been doing it for years. And sure enough, moments later, Big Mac #29,100 was in his stomach and in the books.

Until today, the special sauce on his daily meal was only available right on the sandwich. Now I and 10,000 others have a bottle of it. And while I can’t identify a name for my desire to collect and forget, I am pretty sure this bottle of Big Mac sauce I now possess will get used. And then I will move on.

Meanwhile, I have a strong suspicion that Don Gorske has no intent to stray from his passion.

Steve Palec Special to OnMilwaukee
Steve Palec, the host of WKLH's "Rock and Roll Roots" wrote a letter to every radio station in town when he was a sophomore in high school. He offered to sweep floors.

Two responses came back, including one janitor position. Steve took the other: the opportunity to hang out at WUWM.

After that, he worked at WAUK, then WQFM, then WZUU, then back to WQFM ... and finally worked afternoons at WKLH for a little while.

"I gave up Eddie Money to earn money in 1986," says Steve, who eventually entered the world of commercial real estate.

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