By Dan Garcia Photographer Published Jul 20, 2019 at 11:01 AM

It’s another scorcher! So if your husband still hasn’t called Sears and you don’t want to freeze your butt off at the movies, than you should enjoy your summer at Bradford Beach.

From renting a jet ski or taking a ride on a Bublr Bike, to relaxing with a frosty Miller Lite at the Tiki Bar or some frozen custard at MooSa’s, there are many ways Milwaukeeans are beating the heat at Bradford this summer. No matter how you spend your time at the beach, you can’t go wrong as long as you stay cool and hydrated.

Here are eight ways Milwaukeeans are beating the heat at Bradford Beach this summer:

1. Grab a cold one at the Tiki Bar

High temperatures may keep you warm on the outside, but it’s nothing that a nice cold one can’t cure. The Tiki Bars at Bradford will serve those 21 and up with all the refreshing Miller Lites you can ask for as you fight off the warm temperatures at the beach. With some shade, a cool drink and a place to sit, there is no better way to spend a day at Bradford Beach for many.

2. Take a dip in Lake Michigan

If you’re enjoying a day with the kids or you’re half human/half fish, then taking a dip in Lake Michigan may be your recipe for a great day at the beach. Of course there is no better way to cool off than spending time in the water as everyone else burns under the sun. With your favorite swimsuit and some waterproof sunscreen, a swim will make 100 degrees will feel like a cool 70. 

3. Rent a jet ski

The water isn’t the only element that will keep you cool at the beach. The wind hitting your entire body while enjoying the lake on a jet ski will help you beat the heat as well as anything. If you’re still saving up for a jet ski of your own, fear not, because with a jet ski rental, there’s just a rental fee and some paperwork standing between you and the waves. 

4. Have some custard at MooSa’s

Formerly Northpoint Custard, MooSa's is the new family-friendly burger and custard stand just south of Bradford at the North Point Snack Bar. If you’re hungry, then you’ll want to grab a burger and some wings – but if you just want to beat the heat, then a chocolate shake or some custard is definitely the way to go.  

5. Find some shade

While it may not be as fun as a jet ski, one way to try and stay cool at the beach is by finding some shade and laying low. The Tiki Bars provide a number of tables with umbrellas as you pass time and enjoy a brew in the shade.

6. Take a Bublr Bike for a spin

Another way to feel the wind in your hair by the beach is by biking alongside the lakefront. Bring your own or rent a Bublr Bike less than a block southwest of the beach at Bradford’s dedicated station kiosk – either way you can work up a sweat while enjoying a nice breeze at the same time. You’re going to sweat either way in a heat wave, so you might as well burn some calories in the process – but stay hydrated!

7. Serve up some sand volleyball

This may not be the best way to stay cool, but one of the most popular activities at Bradford Beach is sand volleyball. Whether you’re playing in a league or with friends, serving yourself a game of volleyball is a blast. You’ll definitely work up a sweat, but you can celebrate a win or loss at the Tiki Bar with a cold beer after the game.

8. Walk along the lakefront

If you don’t want to lie in the sun but don’t want an intense workout either – and you don’t have a distaste for cliches – then why not enjoy a long walk on the beach? Or better yet, since you can’t bring Fido to the beach, dog moms and dads can walk their pups along the lakefront on cooler summer days. Just keep the walks short, bring water and make sure you don’t risk burning their little paws!