By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Dec 17, 2020 at 11:26 AM Photography: Twitter/OKC Tracker

Surely the Bucks are done revealing jerseys for the 2020-21 season after the long, Hoan-assisted rollout out their new blue alternate uniforms, right? Not so fast, as it appears that a new fifth jersey will join the Bucks' uniform portfolio for the upcoming season – obviously the biggest and most important news surrounding the franchise this week

According to the informed uniform experts at and UniWatch, in addition to the teams' Association (generally home, generally white), Icon (typically worn on the road, green in the Bucks' case), Statement (the Fear the Deer black look) and City edition (the new blues) jerseys, the NBA is bringing back the Earned jerseys, a bonus look for teams that qualified for the playoffs last season and "earned" this extra option. The concept was introduced for the 2018-19 season, with the Bucks' Earned look at the time taking the polarizing MECCA-inspired design and combining it with the team's Irish rainbow look.

The Earned jerseys then took a year off, but now they're back – and according to this leak, originally posted to Twitter by OKC Tracker thanks to some high-tech trickery, in the Bucks case, they look pretty nifty, bringing some new color and elements to the team's usual home look.

As for the new jersey, it's a solid look! It's definitely an improvement on the last Earned jersey, which, while still cool, also just felt like a washed-out version of the MECCA alternate rather than a creative new look. Sure, it's generally just the home look again, but the new color combination gives the jersey a rich, woodsy and just overall different vibe from the rest of the league that I'm digging. I'm not entirely sure about the antlers on the side; they don't look bad, and it gives the uniform an exciting new element, but it's a little obvious – more like a fan-made version you'd find online rather than a real professional look. But, as always with all of these new looks, we'll see how it looks in action – and plus, everything looks good when you're winning.

So here's the 2020-21 Milwaukee Bucks' complete closet of jerseys (unless the NBA decides they need more stuff to sell). 

To see what the team plans to wear for each game, check out the NBA's LockerVision website. And get pumped about watching these actual jerseys on the actual team in ACTUAL GAMES coming up next week. Fear the deer!

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