By Molly Snyder Senior Writer Published Mar 10, 2022 at 2:01 PM

The Camparty cocktail is similar to other drinks like The Spaghett and a Negroni, but it is uniquely a libation all of its own.

The Camparty requires one beer, one jigger or shot of Campari and, if you're feeling extra citrus-y, add lemon or lime in juice or wedge form.

When ordering, inform the bartender which type of beer and how much Campari you want. The Camparty can be made with any bottled beer, really, but I prefer a plain ol' yellow brew when drinking these.

If you want just a jigger of Campari, it can be added to the bottle immediately after uncapping, but if you crave more of the bitter, herbal Campari taste – and by "bitter" I mean "good bitter" – then the bartender can pour a bit of beer into a glass to make room for more of the red liqueur.

The Camparty is refreshing with a twinge of zing. Plus, the Campari turns the beer a unique reddish amber color which is kinda fun. 

The difference between The Spaghett and a Camparty is that the spaghett is made with Aperol instead of Campari. Both are Italian liqueurs, but Aperol is slightly sweeter whereas Campari is spicier and sharper. Campari is also higher in alcohol content then Aperol.

The Camparty is a particularly refreshing spring and summer drink so now's the perfect time to give it a try. Plus, you have another excuse: It's Bar Month on OnMilwaukee.

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