By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Dec 04, 2020 at 3:01 PM

Welcome to a new series by OnMilwaukee friend, Municipal Court Judge and Man About Town, Derek Mosley.

Although I'm not Oprah, I too have some "Favorite Things." Each day I will feature one locally made item on social media hat gives me a little joy. In these times, who couldn't use some joy? #MyFavoriteThingsMKE

1. The Men's Wellness Collection of Goodies from Alice's Garden

Located at the Kujichagulia Producers Cooperative inside Sherman Phoenix, this collection includes All Natural After Shave Splash, All Natural Beard Oil, All Natural Warming Body Creme for aches and pains, All Natural Brown Sugar Body Scrub, and the Famous "How's It Hanging" All Natural Testicle Cream for Prostate health. Great stocking stuffers for your dad, husband, brother or significant other. Every guy needs Testicle Cream in his stocking. #myfavoritethingsmke

2. Lynn's Creations Lemonade

This fresh-squeezed lemonade by Lynn's Creations is made from filtered water, sugar and love, right here in Milwaukee. Over 30 flavors including Cucumber Mint, Strawberry Lavender, Granny Smith Apple and more. Arguably the best lemonade you will ever try and it's in a convenient pouch for $4. to place an order or call (262) 264.8710. #myfavoritethingsmke

3. Air Plants

These air plants from Urban Sense are my favorite kind of plants, because even I can't kill them. These unique looking plants survive without soil OR water. Air plants use their specialized leaves to obtain from the air the water and nutrients they need to survive. Most air plants grow with long, triangle shaped leaves and boast attractive funnel or tube-shaped flowers. Just drop in a small vase, mist daily or submerge the plant in water once a week. That's it! Perfect for homes, apartments, condos, offices, cubicles and Secret Santa gifts. Plant $10; pot $12 #myfavoritethingsmke

4. The Healthy Human Mega Fruit Box

This healthy box of goodness comes from the Brown Deer-based Flora Fruit Company. They offer three box options ( The Immune Booster Healthy Human, or Flora Your Way Box) in two different sizes.  Available every week, every other week, or upon request. Boxes are delivered to South Eastern Wisconsin and Fox Cities residents. $29.99 #myfavoritethingsmke


The PIE-GRAM from Honeypie Cafe offers delicious, scratch-made Honeypie pies shipped to the door of your loved ones, co-workers or friends. The pies are approximately six inches and made from scratch using local and regional ingredients. The flavors include Berry Crumble, Apple Cinnamon Crumb, Peppermint Fudge and Bourbon Maple Cream. Each pie comes with a card designed by a local artist.  Go to for all the delicious details. #myfavoritethingsmke

6. DIY Holiday Cookie Kit

These awesome kits are from Cookies By Elyse, LLC. and include the following: One dozen undecorated cookies (Ugly Christmas sweaters, Christmas trees, ornaments, gingerbread men, etc.), four colored icing bags, sprinkles and an Instructional Template. $25. To order, go to or email or call  (414) 628.1077 #myfavoritethingsmke