By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Sep 23, 2007 at 5:12 AM

Here at, we admit we're not professional TV critics. But we do think we watch a fair amount of good television, and with the 2007 fall season upon us, there are a bunch shows we don't want to miss.

Here's our list of good TV in for this season. Please add your favorites using the Talkback feature below.

Molly Snyder Edler
Staff writer

These days, I have very little time for the telly, but I'm planning to DVR a few shows: "Tell Me You Love Me" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm" on HBO and "The Sarah Silverman Program" on Comedy Central. If I can catch "The Office," I will.

I must admit I am a little bored with the "Curb" concept. The scripts have become less spontaneous and more predictable, but my appreciation for Jeff Garlin, Larry David and Cheryl Hines as character actors outweighs my disenchantment with the writing.

I am most excited to see how "Tell Me You Love Me" unfolds, and not only because of the graphic romp scenes. So often television shows promise to be "groundbreaking," but I feel this show has the potential to really do so. It's gotten off to a riveting start and I'm officially hooked.

Finally, it will be great to catch up with the deliciously irreverent Silverman again. It's been a while since I chuckled about the Holocaust.

Julie Lawrence
Staff writer

I was an avid, hopelessly addicted fan of HBO's "Six Feet Under," so I guess it makes sense that the new death-oriented series "Pushing Daisies" has recently caught my attention. But it's not just the convoluted, fantastic premise about a guy who can momentarily revive dead people by touching them, and then send them back to the afterlife with a second touch, that has me curious. It's the show's colorful, saturated aesthetic that crafts a surreal -- yet real-life -- cartoon that makes me think this forensic fairytale produced and directed by Barry Sonnenfeld might be worth my TV time. Premieres Wed., Oct. 3 on ABC.

Drew Olson
Senior editor

"Saturday Night Live" -- It's nowhere near as hip as it was many years ago and there probably are more hits than misses, but I look forward to fresh episodes of "SNL." The show still gives a good snapshot of where the culture is going, and "Weekend Update" features some of the best comedy writing around, even in an era when Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are setting the standard. I'll be tuned in to see LeBron James and Kanye West in the season premiere Sept. 29, and I'll check in periodically after that.

Jeff Sherman

The new season of Showtime's "Weeds" is already in full swing. Easily one of television's best "sitcoms." Watch it. Can't wait for Season Two of "FNL." "Friday Night Lights," on NBC, is great television. Sadly, probably too good for network TV to grab the reality TV audience. But, it deserves your viewing time. Amazing acting, tight camera work, killer football scenes (I'll admit some are a bit over the top) and real story lines. Finally, the early reviews on ABC's "Pushing Daisies" are very good. "Pushing the envelop" is used often. It's caught my attention already and will make the DVR list. And, how can't you be excited for another season of "Scrubs?"  

Bobby Tanzilo
Manager editor

These days the TV is rarely on at Casa Tanzilo, but when it is, it's usually for harsh "reality" shows like "Nanny 911" and "Hell's Kitchen," which are sort of like watching car crashes, admittedly, but we can't stop ourselves. Even those, however, we only watch when we stumble upon them; we don't plan TV time anymore. After the premiere, I'm eager to keep watching the horrors on Chef Gordon Ramsay's "Kitchen Nightmares." The same is true for "The Office," which I usually manage to watch, at least fairly regularly. Sadly, "The Simpsons" are on during the TV embargo at home, so it's rare that I see one. Otherwise, I'll do as always and turn on the TV, scan the dozen or so channels available and hope to find a cooking show, a "Scrubs" rerun or a soccer match, no matter how fuzzy the picture or how far down in the Mexican League standings the are competing teams.

Andy Tarnoff

It's widely documented that I watch lots of TV, but just a few shows have me fired up for fall. I'm chomping at the bit for the new season of "The Office." I can't wait to see how the Jim and Pam romance pans out. I'm also excited for "30 Rock," which is one of the funniest shows on TV in a long time. I'm a long-time viewer of "ER," and I'm impressed how the show stays fresh, year after year. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" has started, and it looks like this season is significantly more insane than even before -- that can only be a good thing. The other two shows I crave will premiere later in the winter, but I'm hooked on "Lost" and "Jericho." Both serial dramas intrigue me and stimulate my senses. We'll see if they can keep the mystery going while moving the plotlines along.