By The Family Backpack Team   Published Dec 16, 2017 at 6:56 PM

With the holiday season approaching faster than we’d like to admit, most parents find themselves scrambling to make travel plans and find gifts for their families.

Usually, we think of giving our kids that toy they’ve been ogling over or those cool new shoes, etc. This year, however, consider taking them by surprise with more experience-based gifts that will inspire their wanderlust.

We’ve come up with some gift ideas that combine material presents with the gift of travel. These presents are great for kids, and you can give the list to grandparents or aunts and uncles asking for gift ideas. You can also set up an account with websites like iSow that create platforms to raise money for special events or trips. Asking family members to contribute towards the larger gift of an upcoming trip is another way to give the gift of travel to your children and teach them about saving up for a goal.

Traveling as a family is such a great way to spread the love of family unity beyond the holiday season; we hope you enjoy these little gifts of inspiration!

A travel Learning Lovey from Babyjack and Company

This 14x18-inch blanket is perfect for planes, cars or any little ones on the move. The attached ribbons provide entertainment, and the included teething ring is a great bonus. It also comes with a clip for strollers, car seats, etc., so your baby’s new favorite lovey won’t get left behind.

(PHOTO: Baby Jack and Company Travel Learning Lovey series)

Galt Water Magic pens and books

Fill these pens up with water and have your kids draw over the included book full of invisible images that will appear only with the use of the "magic" pens. The best part is, once the images dry, the picture will disappear and they can be colored over again. The coloring books come in lots of varieties, so you won’t have trouble finding the right match. Order them off Amazon to make a great stocking stuffer. Then take them with you on the go for long flights or car trips.

(PHOTO: Galt Toys)

A subscription to Almost Fearless Magazine

Almost Fearless Magazine is focused on adventures that are suited to all ages and abilities. What better way to inspire kids to travel than to have them read about incredible trips that other families have taken? With everything from walking with grizzly bears to kid-friendly zip lining around the world, this magazine is full of excitement.

A gift certificate to Flytographer for the whole family

Treat your kids to a professional photo shoot and make them feel like celebrities with’s destination-based photoshoot service. All you have to do is choose your family vacation destination and a photographer, then meet on the day you choose and they’ll document your travels and send you the photos. Finally, a way to get everyone in the pictures without having to hassle other tourists to take photos of you!

(PHOTO: Lindsey for Flytographer, Lake Tahoe)

Eagle Creek packing cubes

For a more practical approach, try these Eagle Creek packing cubes that will keep everyone organized on your next trip. Each family member can get a different color so kids always know which one is theirs. Turning packing into a present is also a great way to get your kids excited about the planning process.

(PHOTO: Eagle Creek)

Mudpuppy magnetic figures

These Mudpuppy magnetic figures come with corresponding background pieces and props that allow your kid to create their own scene of pretending on a magnetic surface to avoid misplaced pieces or messes. Perfect for on the go, this toy will stick with you no matter how bumpy the road.

(PHOTO: Mudpuppy)

Land of Nod World Traveler Pretend Playset

Games of pretending to far away lands just got a serious upgrade with this Land of Nod’s World traveler playset. The play set includes tickets, postcards, travel documents and a passport so little adventurers can have the props they need to embark on the travels of their wildest imaginations.

(PHOTO: Land of Nod)

Momaboard Itinerary, a gift for the whole family sells customized itineraries so that you can have an amazing trip without having to plan or worrying that what you do plan won’t be what you’d hoped. Give an itinerary as a present and have everything from restaurants, accommodations and activities set before you go. All of their recommendations are kid-tested and approved with a "why kids love it" explanation, so you know what to expect. This is especially a great gift for grandparents looking for ideas. If you already have a trip in mind, gifting an itinerary is a great way for your loved ones to contribute.

Rosehip & Lemongrass Repair Balm by Eminence

Eminence Rosehip & Lemongrass Repair Balm is an excellent winter gift for chapped, dry skin. An excellent stocking stuffer and a ski trip essential, this balm is great for mom and kids will be thankful she brought it along when hands and faces get dry from hours of outdoor fun.

(PHOTO: Eminence)

"The Family Bookpack" by The Family Backpack

Introducing kids to a travel destination through books before you leave will get them excited for the trip and give them a better understanding of what to expect. Travel-related books are also great to read when you return and allows kids to process and reflect on the vacation. "The Family Bookpack" is a guide to travel books ranging from picture books to chapter books for children and teens. It will help you and your family turn the page to a new adventure!